Must Have Festival Styles for Summer 2014

With the summer festival season in full swing and massive events right around the corner, it’s time to hit the crowds with your best style on display.

Festival Hair Tips from Cloud Nine

For a fresh faced look that makes you stand out from the crowd, we have put together our top must have festival locks to give your hair a distinctive style with free movement, perfect for those late nights of musical mayhem.   

Fishtail Plait

Perfect to wear for the whole weekend, (even the early birds,) the fishtail plait is low maintenance and easy to style. Brush your hair out first for a smoother braid or leave the natural texture and separate the hair using your fingers for a messier effect. Next, pull your hair to one side and separate your hair into two sections. Take a piece from one side and bring it to the middle, keeping your finger on it whilst you bring another section from the other side– repeat this all the way down, pulling a strand from each side and layering it over the previous. Secure with an elastic band, you may need some grips or pins to help keep the top part in place. The fishtail looks great worn down or wrapped around or pulled out and wrapped into a chignon. Lightly freshen up your plait with some dry shampoo if worn for the duration of the festival.

Alternatively you can accentuate the dishevelled look with the fishtail half updo, using a smaller section for a wrap-around style. Simply take two sections from your hair’s centre parting and braid as above, stretching and loosening the plait and pinning to the back of your head. This looks fantastic with messier styles that ooze volume.

Top knot

This style is a great way to conceal tired looking hair as the festival progresses. When creating the top knot, placement is paramount, sitting flat on the back of the head. All hair should be combined upwards to capture a clean affect or brought forward by lowering your head and combining towards your lap. Use an elastic band to secure the pony and apply some dry shampoo or Magical Potion to freshen up your hair and provide added texture when backcombing your ponytail for added volume. Twist the hair around the centre point securing with a simple hair clip or two. A Cloud Nine favourite!  

Flower Child

Go for a vintage look by weaving real or floral headpieces into your style of choice for a true 60s look. Dress your top knot with small flowers by threading them around the bun or use them to decorate a simple hair loose, wavy style.

Look out for Cloud Nine and Blush London at festivals around the UK this summer!

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