New Hair’s Resolutions Round-Up

We're encouraging women worldwide to make a New Hair's Resolution to be kinder to their hair by using less heat. But how can you do so? Have a look at our weekly hairstyle guide!

With the help of award-winning stylist Leigh Keates of Josh Wood Atelier and session supremo Angel Montague-Sayers who has worked with Rita Ora and Kelly Brook, they reveal how with the Cloud Nine tools you can treat your hair with more care without compromising on style!

Here's our diary of looks you can create during the week without using excessive heat and still look fashionable!

Here's what you'll need

1. Cloud Nine Original Iron
2. Cloud Nine Wand
3. Cloud Nine Waving Wand
4. Brush / Comb
5. Hair grips + Hair band
6. Mousse / Hairspray

For the Style Day, you'll be using the Cloud Nine tools to coif your hair and for the Hair Kind Day, you can use yesterday's styling and create a new look with no heat required.


Go simple and sleek with the Original Iron. Begin by adjusting the one-touch temperature control to the heat to suit your hair type. Work through the hair in sections, placing a comb in first and running it through the hair followed by the Iron, for silky results.

Leigh says...
To tame flyaways, simply spray a make-up brush with hairspray and run it over your locks to tidy-up any strays.


It’s time to initiate the Hair Kind day. Thanks to the sleek results you created yesterday, there’s no need for heat today, so style a new look with a sleek bun. Sweep hair into a ponytail and tie. Twist the lengths around the base and secure.

Angel says...
If stray hairs are ruining your sleek finish, apply strong mousse before gathering the hair into a ponytail, keeping flyaways in check.


It’s time for a new look and we’re craving curls. Opt for The Wand and simply wrap 2cm sections around the barrel and release. Repeat throughout for a head full of transforming curls!

Angel says...
Release the curl from the Wand, drop it into the palm of your hand and scrunch a few times, this will set the curl properly for a long lasting and fuller effect.


There’s no tools required, but never fear as yesterday’s curls will look mussed up and sexy today, so are ideal for a halfupdo! Lightly tease the hair at the root for lift, then section off half the hair, Split this into two, twist and pin at the back, leaving you with a disheveled half-updo.

Leigh says...
Shaking through day-old curls with your fingers will revive the bounce and movement.


Waves are the ideal look, so turn to The Wand or the NEW Waving Wand. Wrap sections around the barrel, hold and release. If you’re using The Wand, gently pull the end of each section to release some of the bounce forming a wave rather than a curl.

Leigh says...
Wrap different sections around the barrel in alternate directions for a natural finish.


Second-day waves are relaxed and full of movement, so a boho braid will add that new dimension. You can place the plait in anywhere, whether angel-style or a fishtail, just remember to keep the braid tight initially, then once secured, gently loosen up the shape for a soft, feminine style.

Leigh says...
Turning the head over and shaking through your second-day waves will give extra body.


Split the hair into two sections. Back-comb the front of the top section for body, then secure into a ponytail. Using the Iron, choose random pieces, place it into the mid-lengths, bringing the hair outwards at 180°, for a tousled, trendy updo.

Leigh says...
Position your ponytail by using your fingers to follow the line of your jaw, and secure the band in place to match - to create the most flattering side profile.

There you have it, a week of sensational looks and all with less heat styling! You've stayed true to your New Hair's Resolution without compromising on head-turning tresses - finally a promise for 2013 we can and will want to keep!

If you're still not sure whether to take up on this challenge, have a look at Scarlett London's blog! Scarlett followed our tips and made her very own Hair Resolutions for the week.

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