No Rules – Welcome To Our Brand New Campaign

Can you ever look too hot? When it comes to your hair, the answer is yes! We know that you want your hair to look great – but do you really want to add unnecessary extra heat into your style that will cause some serious damage? At Cloud Nine, we don’t think so.

Your hair is as individual as your fingerprint, or your signature. So, what works for one person’s hair may be completely different to anyone else. There is no optimum temperature that suits everyone – a debate that continues to rage in the hair styling industry. What we can be certain of, however, is that your hair must always be treated with care.

Backed by new research, which found that over 97% of people feel it is important* to be able to control the temperature of their hair tools, we’re leading the revolution in kinder hair care and styling.

To get our message across, not only have we created a brand new campaign, No Rules, to get you thinking about the individuality of your own hair, we’ll also be keeping you updated with information and tips, direct from the front line of the great heat debate.


Our beautiful images have been created with the help of a range of models, each with very different hair types, shot on location in our home county of Yorkshire and styled by session star Claire Rothstein. Claire worked with each of the individual textures, rather than working against them, using the full range of Cloud Nine tools.

The first of our collection of images can be seen on shelves now, in this week’s Grazia magazine, and there are many more to come, as we launch our first ever national advertising campaign with women’s lifestyle and trade press.

So join our No Rules revolution – because it’s your hair, your heat, and your style.

Get involved by using the #NoRules hashtag on social media and follow us @CloudNineC9 on Twitter and Instagram. You can also watch a behind the scenes video of the campaign shoot below.


*Independent survey conducted by Cloud Nine on UK participants asked on a scale of 1-5 how important it is to be able to control the temperature of their hair tools.

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