Product of the Month - Magical Quick Dry Potion

Heading on holiday? Protect your hair from the heat with our Magical Potion – a must-have for any beach bag!

If you’re heading somewhere hot this summer, don’t forget that protecting your hair from harsh heat is just as important as caring for your skin. A lot of heat protection sprays can feel a little heavy or sticky, but our Magical Quick Dry potion is different.

A clever combination of ingredients help reduce drying time by up to 50%, tame unruly hair and prevent frizz, whilst a UV filter protects locks from heat and sun damage. Secret magical ingredients nourish over time, with a weightless leave-in conditioner.


When packing a suitcase we know that space is limited, which is why we’ve recently launched a new 50ml version of this summer staple – you can pop the mini version in your suitcase and leave the big bottle at home.

Ask your local Cloud Nine stockist salon for more information or follow the product link below.

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