Ski Inspired Sport Braid

Hitting the slopes for Easter weekend? We've got the perfect look that will keep your hair in check whilst having fun!

  • Apply Cloud Nine Magical Potion and Amplifier Spray to damp hair
  • Blow dry the hair with a Paddle Brush
  • By sectioning hair vertically, wrap 2cm sections of hair around the Cloud Nine Original Wand, avoiding 2 inches at the bottom to create a straighter end. For the top section of the hair, take horizontal sections to create root lift.
  • Once hair is cool, shake through and spray with a dry shampoo to create texture
  • Section the hair into 2 and begin to braid. After two sections of braid, take a section and wrap around the braid. Continue to braid in this way and tie with a small snag at the end
  • Repeat on other side
  • Pull braid out gently to create soft texture
  • Finish with wax spray


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