Spooky Hair Don’t Care!

With Halloween fast approaching, we asked our Style Ambassadors Jodie and Kimberley to share with us their top halloween hairstyles and we absolutely love them!

  1. Halloween Hair by Jodie Austen

Photo Credit: Jessica Augarde 

1. Spritz Cloud Nine’s Magical Potion throughout the hair, focussing on mid lengths and ends. The Magical Potion will protect the hair from heat damage, UV rays and even feed the hair nourishment as a leave in conditioner.

2. Next, apply onto dry hair a generous amount of mousse throughout the mid lengths and ends. Again, dry this in. The mousse will give the hair memory to hold our styling.

3. Using the Cloud Nine Original Wand, I chose a high heat setting for this model’s hair. Begin at the nape of the neck, taking medium to small sized sections. You want to curl the hair in the direction you plan on dressing it out, so for this shape I wanted wider curls at the root graduating to a tighter curl at the ends of the hair. Holding the wand with the widest part of the barrel at the roots, begin curling. Do this all over the head being mindful of the hair direction for what shape you’re planning and keeping the widest part of the wand curling the roots.

4. Leave to cool down. I left the hair for 20 minutes whilst the makeup was applied.

5. This style is so fun to dress out! Taking a large dressing brush, brush through all the hair. Then, take a section at the crown of the head, dust a texturising powder at the roots and backcomb to begin building the internal structure. Apply some hairspray and a texturing powder for more hold.

6. Now you’ve backcombed the crown, begin teasing through the rest of the hair, dusting as much powder as you need to really mattify the hair and manipulate it into shape. Keep hair spraying for extra hold. Keep working the hair into shape until you're happy.

7. If you need to, pin any stray hairs that are rebellious. Really finish the shape using your hands.

8. Once everything is in place, you can ensure some extra staying power by lightly spritzing with hairspray and gently blasting air in the direction of the hairstyle - essentially ‘cooking in’ the shape.


     2. Halloween Hair by Kimberley Davies


Simple Halloween style using the Original Wand, curling each section and using hairspray to hold!

1. Softly brush it out once cooled down and loosely fix up into a messy bun on top of the head securing with Kirby grips.

2. Using your fingers, carefully pull out small sections to achieve a more tousled effect and spray in place.

3. Add some chic cat ears or Halloween accessories to complete the look.

I love the simplicity with this style and it's so easy to recreate at home using the Cloud Nine tools!


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