Spring in the City - ‘Effortless Wave’ Step-by-Step

From a bouncy blow-dry to an effortless wave, our latest style guides will put a spring in your step.

We've created five simple step-by-step guides offering you a different look for each day of the working week - expect envious glances from your colleagues! 
Its time to turn the city streets into your catwalk… spring has arrived, bring in the new season in style.

This spring step-by-step gives you the must-have tips for a laid-back wave look. Team this hairstyle with a loose silk shirt or simple shift dress for the ultimate office combination!

What You Need:

  • The Cloud Nine Waving Wand
  • The Cloud Nine Hairdryer
  • Styling Spray
  • Cloud Nine Dressing Brush

Step One

Prep dry hair by sectioning out the top of the head from temple to temple.

Clip the bottom section (at the back of the head) away.

Step Two

Spritz ends with some water and light styling spray before blowdrying in large sections with a paddle brush to get a smooth finish.

Step Three

Start on one side and work your way around the head.

Take large vertical sections.

Wrap hair around the barrel of the wand once and let it set for a full 10 seconds before releasing.

Step Four

As each curl is formed, wind it up and clip against the head to cool.

Step Five

Once the back and sides are set, drop the top section down and repeat this technique.

Once all the hair is set, you should have approximately 12 big curls pinned up.

Step Six

Using a bristle brush, brush through the style to shape the wave.

Finished Look

A laid-lack summer style - perfect for the office or the beach!

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