Step by Step - Adele

Adele’s beautifully manicured bob, screams The O.

1. Once hair is washed, apply a generous amount of Cloud Nine Amplify spray.

2. Tip your head upside side and blast dry.

3. Once 95% dry, roll your hair into your Cloud Nine velcro rollers, using the smallest size at the bottom/back and working your way up.

4. When your hair is set in the rollers, leave these in your hair until the red dot on the side of each roller goes black.

5. Gently remover the roller and using a comb, identify a low side parting using the arch in your eyebrow as a guide.

6. To complete: use a soft dressing brush and gently brush through your hair.

7. To finish use a strong hairspray so your elegant new hairstyle stays in place all evening.

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