The best hairstyles for mid length hair

Find out how to style the it-girl hairstyle of 2018

The best hairstyles for mid length hair. If you’re itching for a big change but on the fence about committing to the chop, we’ve found the haircut of 2018. Screaming chic and effortless on any hair type or face shape, the collarbone cut is taking Hollywood by storm with the likes of Kendall Jenner, Olivia Culpo, Chrissy Teigen and Hailey Baldwin caught rocking this 90’s lob. But hey, we know cutting your long locks is terrifying, so we’re here to show you our top hairstyles of how you can work this low maintenance wonder-cut, post snip!​​

Sleek Straight (Kendall Jenner, Oscars 2018
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Possibly the easiest to master, a centre-parted polished lob is both luxe and quick! Blast through your hair with a Cloud Nine Original Iron on a morning and you’ll be out the door in 5 minutes, with the chicest locks in the kingdom. Tuck behind your ears to frame your face and for a super-glossy finish don’t be stingy with the shine spray.

Blow Out Waves (Olivia Culpo, Calzedonia Summer Show 2018)
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These big bouncy blow-out waves have never done a miss-justice to anyone! Working their magic on any hair type, they are a particular saving grace to anyone with fine hair, as they add volume and that universally sort after va-va-voom, making your hair appear thicker. We suggest curling the mid-lengths and ends away from your face with the Cloud Nine Curling Wand and loosely brushing the waves out with a paddle brush or texturizing comb.

The Off-Duty Wave (Chrissy Teigen, #REVOLVEawards 2017)
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This loose textured wave is a dress-up, dress-down hair wardrobe essential, and on mid-length hair looks absolutely incredible! Giving you that natural, and enviable “I woke up like this” look. To achieve we suggest using small sections curl hair away from the face with the Cloud Nine Curling Wand and pulling down on each section to soften the curl. Spray in a lightweight hairspray and backcomb sections to create more texture.

The Straight Tuck (Hailey Baldwin, iHeartRadio Music Awards 2018)
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Face shaping perfection! Curling your Lob under will help add structure to your jawline and emphasise your cheekbones. This little twist on a standard straight adds so much glamour to your easy everyday hairstyle. Straighten through your hair with a Cloud Nine Touch Iron and using the curved body of the Iron, curl hair under at the ends.

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