The O Heated Range – Groundbreaking technology for breathtaking volume and movement

In association with Creative Head Magazine’s Most Wanted Awards 2014 Innovation Category, sponsored by Cloud Nine, we’re highlighting our own revolutionary, multi-award winning innovation sensation – The O.

The O Heated Range – Groundbreaking technology for breathtaking volume and movement

Since its launch, The O has continued to make waves when it comes to delivering instant volume and movement that lasts all day!

Rapid heating means rapid volume   

Ready in seconds, Cloud Nine have redefined the traditional heated roller into a new era of salon quality style. Using a game changing induction heating technique, energy is directly channelled to the roller from The O Pod, heating them up in just four seconds.

Benefiting from innovative Velcro technology, they are feather light and come in a range of sizes to apply to all forms of hair. The O Rollers also feature our unique cool touch technology that heats from the core, making the rollers hot in the hair not in the hand, for complete styling freedom.

Whether you are looking for extreme lift, big styles or movement, our innovative five dimension roller collection delivers. To optimise the styling experience, The O The O Amplify Spray offers a light hold formula that prepares your hair for styling whilst maximising shine. Expertly designed to ensure perfect grip and positioning, dual size O Clips provide a solid hold for our roller technology, giving first time application.

At Cloud Nine we are always looking to innovate, continuously refining and redefining quality to improve your styling experience.  With the O Pod’s quicker styling, energy consumption is slowed, saving the planet and technology costs. Unlike traditional heaters The O heats for your demand, one roller at a time, as and when you need them. This means seven times less power is used to deliver an optimum curling experience.  

Winner of the “Your Hair Awards 2012”and "British Hairdressing Business Awards 2011", The O innovates to free your time. Available to buy singularly, for the full experience in Cloud Nine curling the O Ultimate offers the Pod to O Roller, with a chic black carry case for those on the go.

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