The Origin of Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine has been revolutionizing the face of the modern hair since 2009 when we launched our Original Cloud Nine temperature control iron.

We took the hairdressing industry by storm, and proceeded to reinvent the traditional styling roller by creating The O. From day one, Cloud Nine promised to develop the very best professional styling innovations and we committed to continue pushing the boundaries. This passion for innovation and progress is largely thanks to one man: our lovely founder Robert Powls.

Having worked in the hair industry for over 50 years, Robert has held just about every job going. He started as an apprentice when he was just 15, becoming a hairstylist at Vidal Sassoon’s Bond Street salon and then salon owner. Now, he sits at the helm of the Cloud Nine empire. The opportunity for a successful straightening brand came to Robert after noticing a gap in the market, whilst working as a European distributor; Robert founded ghd, helping them to reach an impressive sales record in 2006.

In 2008 Robert decided to sell his shares in the company and start working on an independent project: an advanced iron with one-touch temperature control. This was the origin of Cloud Nine.

“I followed trends in the industry and saw a change from poker straight hair to looks with more movement and volume. This led me to work with engineers in the UK developing an induction heated roller system called The O, which heats up in just four seconds.”

After three years and many prototypes and false starts, The O was ready to hit the market. It made waves in the industry and, having won the respect and positive feedback from hairdressers across the country, took the HJ’s 2011 British Hairdressing Business Award for Innovation of the Year.

Over the past year, Cloud Nine has firmly established itself throughout top salons in the UK, and we are now enjoying great success in many other countries:

Cloud Nine continues to grow, launching professional quality, innovative styling tools with every passing year. The brand has begun to grow internationally, spreading style and elegance across the globe. What began as an unique idea has changed the way people all over the world are styling hair, a true styling revolution - all thanks to the attentive eye and entrepreneurial initiative of Robert Powls.

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