The Winged Smokey Eye

If you are heading to your office party straight from work, follow this easy step-by-step guide by professional make-up artist Alex Jones to achieve this look in no time!

Smokey Eye Makeup

1) On the day of the party, apply your usual moisturiser but also a primer under your foundation for added staying power and set with a sheer powder.

-TOP TIP- For an added glow to your base, pat a liquid highlighter onto your cheekbones using flat fingers.

2) Next give yourself a bronzing! Providing you have a bronzer that suits your colouring, you can add as little or as much as you prefer for this look. Next apply a complementary blush to the apples of your cheeks.

-TOP TIP- I was always taught to apply bronzer in the places the sun would naturally hit your face.

3) Prep your brows, adding powder or pencil to shape and define. 

-TOP TIP- If you like to make a feature of your brows try using a brow pen.

4) Next apply a light shade of eyeshadow to your eyelids and a small amount under your eyebrows. You then want to add your liner, creating your winged shape. I use a gel liner as I find it stays put longer than my liquid liners.

-TOP TIP- If you struggle applying your winged liner, try doing it in stages - draw along the lash line  then, looking in the mirror, make a dot where you want your flick to end and join that to your first line at the outer corner of your eye.

5) You can now add your darker eyeshadow, ensuring you hold a folded tissue below your eye to catch any falling makeup if you are using a powder shadow. Apply to the eye crease, giving a dramatic frame to your lighter shade. Next, using your winged liner as your guide, extend your darker eyeshadow all the way down to the edge of your flick. Then using an eyeshadow blending brush, blend the eye crease creating a triangle shape on the outer corners of your eye lid between your liner and eye crease. Add a soft, dark liner below your bottom lash line and blend slightly with a blending brush. Finish by applying a jet black Kohl liner to the water line and a generous application of black mascara.

-TOP TIP- If you want to add a bit of sparkle choose metallic eyeshadows.

6) Now for lips, this is where you can really experiment with colour! A killer red lip compliments the cooler shade  perfectly (shown on my face chart) and for the warmer tones on the eyes, a peachy shade with a crisp gloss over the top looks fab!

-TOP TIP- If you're going for a dewy base on your skin, go for a matte lip and vice versa.


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