We Need to Talk About Scarves

Summer’s Hottest Hair Accessory

We need to talk about scarves….

We realise you might be thinking that it’s Summer and this is a hair blog – why on earth are they talking about scarves?! Well, we’re not talking about the knitted kind, we’re talking about the hair kind – and boy do we love them (check out our Insta if you don’t believe us!).

These oh-so-stylish accessories are literally everywhere right now. Your Insta feed has probably been filled to the brim with fluffy ponytails featuring these silken beauties for MONTHS, and every beauty and fashion blogger that you follow has probably encouraged you to glam up your everyday look with one of these lust-worthy accessories. They’re certainly in all the shops, and there are SEVERAL in our wardrobes (sorry, not sorry!). There’s no escaping them, but if we’re being totally honest, we don’t want to escape them!

Stylish and chic, the scarf looks as good in a pony or wrapped around a low-knot, as it does in a braid. The cherry on the top of this, frankly irresistible, cake – they’re suitable for any occasion. From the fields of a festival to the office, you simply can’t go wrong.  

However, whilst perfect for camouflaging even the worst of hair days, these printed head scarfs can easily go from chic AF to looking like your grandmother attempting to protect her perm from the drizzly British weather.

So, taking some inspiration from some wonderful stylists, here are some tips on how to NAIL this hair trend.


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This beaut style is PERFECT if you’re wanting to channel laid-back vibes! The low-pony is a classic, but it’s sometimes not quite the chic look that you want. Securing it with a scarf, however, is elegant and simple, and we LOVE it. For extra oomph, once tied, pull your hair out slightly to add body and the appearance of volume. This look is also ideal if you have shorter hair and looks just as glam with a shorter pony as it does with this one.


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As if this braid wasn’t gorgeous enough already, these scarves take it to another level entirely. A look that will look as good with two braids as one, depending on what takes your fancy, interweave the scarf as you would a strand of your own hair whilst French-plaiting. Once at the base of your neck, tie the scarf and secure, finishing off this INSANE look. If you’re thinking about adding a little colour to your hair, but your nerves are getting the best of you, this style is ideal – you can add a splash of colour to your hair and take it out at the end of the day! If only everything was so simple!

As lovers of the low-knot, we never thought that we would find something that could make a low bun better – until we saw this. This updo is beyond dreamy and injects colour and excitement into a classic style. Selecting strands from either side of your head, interweave the scarf through your hair. Once at the base of your neck, combine the strands, and then interweave the scarf again, before securing with a knot at the bottom of your hair. Then fashion this braid of sorts into a bun, and secure using bobby pins. You may choose to leave some tendrils loose to frame your face, curling them with the Cloud Nine Curling Wand to add texture.


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We’ve all had those days – we’re running late, our hair is a mess, and the only solution is piling it on top of our heads. Whilst models somehow manage to nail this off-duty look, we just seem to miss the mark. Using a scarf as a headband instantly takes your look from 0 to 100, hiding the disaster and looking like a model at the same time – YES PLEASE!

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