What makes our hair types different?

Your hair is as unique as your DNA. When it comes to styling with heat, one rule (or one temperature) does not suit all. So what really affects our hair type on a daily basis? We break down the main troublemakers that can potentially harm your hair…


Over-washing can strip hair of its natural essential oils that provide nourishment and strength. Experts suggest washing your hair every 2-3 days, as opposed to every single day.

Not keen on feeling less than squeaky clean? Ease yourself into a cycle where you keep your hair natural the first day, style it with tools the second and then wear it in an up-do for the final day.

Step away from the towel and brush when you get out of the shower - wet hair is more prone to breakage. Swap a towel for a cotton t-shirt when drying your locks for a gentler, smoother finish. If you do need to detangle slightly, opt for a wide toothed comb or one of our Cloud Nine brushes to reduce damage.

Hard water

Most major cities suffer from hard water, which has a high mineral content. This type of water can leave a scaly film on your hair, preventing moisture from entering and leaving it looking dry and dull. Probably not the look you were aiming for.

Moving to a new city might be a bit of a pricy way to combat this hair hazard, but you can make sure to protect your locks by using a clarifying shampoo and regularly applying a leave-in conditioner to lock in loads of moisture. 

UV exposure

There is so much focus on looking after your skin in the sun that your hair can often be overlooked. If your locks are unprotected, the sun can burn the hair cuticle, causing the scales to stand up right, leaving the hair brittle.

During your summer holidays, make sure you give your mane some extra TLC by using an SPF. Experts recommend dousing your hair with an oil or spray containing SPF and wrap your hair in a bun for ultimate protection against UV rays. Don’t forget to shield your scalp too with a hat or headscarf. Sunburn isn’t stylish!


If you’re an avid swimmer or just like chilling in the pool on holiday, chlorine is your hair’s nemesis. Chlorine is notorious for killing sebum, something that is produced to protect our hair cuticles. A lack of sebum can cause the outer layer of locks to crack, losing your hair’s natural sheen and causing split ends.

Prevent this by making sure you completely soak your hair with fresh water before entering the pool. This can help slow down the chlorine absorption. Also apply a nourishing oil or serum beforehand to stop the chlorine from clinging to your ‘do.

Stress and Anxiety

Stress can affect your hair on a serious level. Mild forms of alopecia can develop from anxiety and stress, causing your hair to fall out. Whilst this isn’t that common, it’s a condition to be aware of.

To combat life’s difficult days, look after your wellbeing and your hair by eating healthily, exercising regularly and sleeping LOTS! 

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