Why to Invest in Professional Haircare

We compare drugstore against professional shampoo and conditioner

When it comes to your hair products it’s easy to be frugal, with thousands of drugstore alternatives on the market at a fraction of the cost of professional haircare. For most women, the financial saving comes as a no-brainer and purchase their shampoos alongside their weekly big-shop! However, any good hairdresser will always encourage us to use professional products on our hair. So, what really is the difference? Are our hairstylists all biased or is there really a difference? We’ve done the leg work for you and are laying it all out so you can decide for yourself!

According to professional hairdressers the main difference between professional and non professional products come down to the ingredients. Cheaper Shampoos often contain more chemicals, which are designed to make your hair feel super soft and silky. However, rather than nourishing the hair from within, these chemicals coat the hair shaft in a waxy silicone stripping your hair of its natural oils, which often leads to “healthy feeling”, unhealthy hair. This waxy coating often leads to hair looking and feeling dirty far quicker than that of a professional product.

One of the main deterrent’s of purchasing professional hair products is the price. We know a £30 shampoo seems excessive, but this price often comes as they consist of vitamins, oils and minerals that nourish the hair from within. You may notice that when you use a non-professional shampoo that they generate a lather rather easily, this is usually due to harmful detergents within the product. Professional products will lather much less as they use gentler ingredients. One massive benefit you’ll find in most professional hair products is that because they contain more concentrated ingredients, you’ll use 1/3rdthe amount, meaning your bottle lasts 3 times the amount of your high street alternative – WINNING! (yes, when the bottle of conditioner says a 50p sized blob of product, you really can use that little)

Last, but certainly not least, Our style ambassador Alexandra Girling in her book The Informed Client, speaks about how using a high-street shampoo, tends to treat the symptoms rather than the condition. For example, using a high street “dandruff” shampoo, may get rid of your dandruff, until you stop using it and it comes back. As a professional hair product nourishes from within, it helps treat the problem that is causing the dandruff, so you can then move on to say a shampoo that will help elongate your colour without the worry of a pesky flaky scalp making a comeback!

So whilst we all agree that paying for high end hair products feels a little ridiculous, our little bit of research has shown the product will go much further, last much longer, our hair will be far more nourished, our colour will last longer and any problems that we may have without hair will be treated and not covered! And if for whatever reason you can’t go professional, check the ingredients and try to go as natural as possible!

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