Wish for…Volume & Body?

This week’s product spotlight showcases one of our most innovative and unusual products to date. The O.

The O is Cloud Nine’s trademark creation which delivers instant volume and style with unprecedented ease. This innovative heated roller system is made up of several different elements, so we want to tell you about each one in turn! 

The O Pod

This is where the real magic happens, simply drop your rollers into The O pod and watch them charge up in seconds. The O Pod uses induction technology to deliver the fastest heat available. 

The O Rollers

Once charged, our The O Rollers slowly begin to heat, giving you ample time to handle and position them in your desired style without risk of burning yourself. Upon reaching their maximum temperature they slowly cool down, allowing you to handle them again safely.

The O Rollers are available in a variety of different sizes. 

The O Clips

Our The O Clips also come in a variety of sizes which correspond to the different Rollers; these handy clips make positioning your rollers a cinch, and allow greater control. Many of our salons and customers find they are able to style fuller, more volumised looks with ease if they have a large set of clips and rollers available; especially as The O is so fast! 

The O Ultimate Set

For those who require the whole package, or who are eager to start styling with a complete package, one of our Ultimate Sets, available in black or tan are ideal. The Ultimate Sets contain everything you need to create volume packed styles full of vibrancy. 

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