Wish for…Wavy Hair

This week we’re spotlighting our newer but no less lusted after range of styling tools: The Wands!

The Wand range is a firm favourite among salons and stylists, offering unprecedented flexibility and creativity in creating flowing waves, tight curls, spirals, loops, hoops and anything else with a curve you can imagine.

For those with a creative edge, or who favour more natural styles too, the wands are a popular choice. So what kind of magic is there in the wands range?

The Wand

The first of its kind, The Wand made waves (pardon the pun) in the hair styling world when it first launched. This innovative new styling tool expanded stylist’s repertoires with its unique shape and design.

Its tapered and super smooth barrel allows you to create tight vintage curls, soft tousled waves and much, much more.

We built multi-temperature control into our wand, and included the Cloud Nine trademark black ceramic surface for unprecedented shine. 

The Micro Wand

Informed by the popularity and success of our Micro Iron, a Micro Wand variation was an essential addition to our wand collection. Perhaps the most deft and dextrous wand available, it provides all the same benefits of its larger cousin but with a smaller barrel for tighter curls and waves.

It features multi-temperature control and unparalleled portability, the perfect mobile touch up tool for last minute flicks and twists. 

The Waving Wand

The Waving Wand is the Wide Iron of our wand collection, providing a larger more robust styling tool which can style large sections of hair swiftly and uniformly. A favourite among salons and stylists thanks to its versatility, it is ideal for those with longer thicker hair and more voluminous styles.

The Cloud Nine Waving Wand is the ultimate tool for creating large textured curls, or tousled waves, and features all the hallmark traits of Cloud Nine’s finest styling tools.

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