New year, new you? We're not here for it. We want to embrace and celebrate everything that makes us our best selves in 2022.

Self care for the win, we're setting intentions in 2022 for how to keep hair looking and feeling amazing.

set your intentions

I will find my hair type and use products that suit me

Hair type is just as important as skin type when it comes to treating the hair. Speak to your hairdresser about your hair type to find the right products for your hair. Also treat your hair to self care in addition to your cleansing and conditioning routine. Use a nourishing oil when styling or add in a mask once a week to treat the hair.

I will treat my scalp to a treatment

Scalp scrubs or massaging the scalp while shampooing helps with any build up on the scalp, it stimulates the hair follicles which helps with hair growth and keeps the scalp healthy.

I will be mindful of how I tie up my hair

High pony's and buns are fire but they can create extra tension on the hair if styled this way too often. Try switching up to a low bun and pony occasionally or use snag free hair ties that provide extra room for the hair and less tension.

I will use heat protection

Always protect the hair from heat when styling with a heat protection spray. Magical Potion provides heat protection, you can spray on wet or dry hair to give hair what it needs when using heat.

I will turn down the temperature

When water is too hot this can strip the hair of it's natural oil which over time can lead to breakage or dryness. Turning down the temperature or if you're feeling brave switch to cold for a few seconds at the end of your shower to seal the cuticle!

I will nourish my hair

Treat hair from the inside out, protein and iron rich foods are great for the hair such as eggs, fish, meat and nuts to strengthen the hair and stimulate growth. Keeping the diet vitamin rich is also an amazing way to keep hair healthy, encourage growth and shine.

I will book regular hair appointments

Having a regular cut will keep hair not only looking amazing but will chop dry or damaged ends to stop breakage and keep hair strong and healthy.

I will skip a hair wash

Washing the hair too often can strip the hair of its natural oils leaving it dry. By skipping a wash and having a bun or pony day or the classic dry shampoo Wednesday you are giving hair what it needs keeping it healthy and happy.

I will use a silk pillowcase

For ultimate luxury a silk pillowcase is gorgeous for hair - and skin! Silk allows the hair to glide in the night instead of a slightly rougher cotton surface the results are less frizz and soft, sleek hair. As an additional benefit silk builds up less bacteria which will prevent breakouts.

For more hints and tips and haircare advice follow CLOUD NINE Hairstyles and CLOUD NINE YouTube.

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