The CLOUD NINE x Ecologi partnership has achieved a major milestone.

Read more to find out about our continuing sustainability mission in 2021 in to 2022 and how your amazing contribution has helped us reach this amazing figure. 


cloud nine x ecologi

At CLOUD NINE we began our journey with Ecologi at the beginning of 2020 with the goal of planting trees every time our Eco box option was selected. This Christmas we extended that offer with our Evergreen Collection to plant nine trees for every tool from this collection sold.

why nine trees?

When you purchase an Evergreen Collection product we plant nine trees with Ecologi on your behalf. But why nine trees?

  • Every year, nine trees will absorb 198kg of carbon dioxide. That’s the equivalent in weight of 450 hair straighteners!
  • Each year, nine trees will absorb enough carbon heat your house for two weeks!
  • Planting trees helps purify the air and water, creating a healthier living environment for local communities, as well as providing habitats, shelter and food for local wildlife.

We want to lead the industry into a more sustainable future and with your help we have hit a huge milestone...

how many trees have been planted?

Since we started our partnership with Ecologi thanks to your incredible support to date we have now planted

59 THOUSAND trees!

From CLOUD NINE X Ecologi we just want to say a huge, heartfelt thank you!

Take a look at our Ecologi page to follow your tree or our progress thanks to your kindness.

what's next?

We won't stop there we will keep pushing to be industry leaders to promote and push for change to encourage a more sustainable future. Keep an eye on our sustainability page for updates on our future plans and our commitments to recycling, low carbon shipping and our continuing partnership with Ecologi.

Join the movement today and be a part of making the world a kinder place.

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