Curtain bangs are the new craze! Learn about the best ways to style them.

Long, short or curly hair; doesn't matter. Here at Cloud Nine; we've got you covered.

Awesome Ways To Style Curtain Bangs

Let’s face it, we’ve all debated getting bangs at least once in our lifetime. Whether you’ve had them, have them or are
contemplating getting them - you’ll be happy to know that ‘70’s renowned curtain bangs have circled back around and
are sweeping the nation as one of this season's hottest hair trends (thank you TIKTOK). We have picked an
array of our favourite curtain bangs hairstyles for long, short and mid-length hair.

Okay, So Remind Us, What Are Curtain Bangs, Anyway?

If curtain bangs haven’t quite made their way onto your radar just yet, for the uninitiated, curtain bangs effortlessly
frame your face, just like a curtain does a window. Curtain bangs offer a low maintenance hairstyle, which is typically
parted down the middle (or sometimes to the left or to the right). They are swept to each side to perfectly frame and
accentuate both your face and your eyes. Both sultry and effortless, curtain bangs provide a softer bespoke finish than
a traditional straight across fringe - they are typically shorter in the centre and longer at the sides to blend into the cut
of your hairstyle. Famous since the ‘60s and ‘70s curtain bangs were rocked by Hollywood actresses such as Brigett
Bardot and Farrah Fawcett. Find out more about how to style curtain bangs....

Why You Should Try Curtain Bang Hairstyles?

Curtain bangs are perfectly styled to blend into your current hairstyle - they are super versatile and act as the perfect
middle ground if you aren't quite sure if you are ready to commit to a full fringe. Curtain bangs offer simplicity yet they
work to really elevate your look, making them perfect for every occasion. What’s more, unlike a regular fringe, if you don’t feel like styling your bangs one day, you can always pin them or tie them back.
They are super low maintenance and you don’t need to head to the salon every few weeks to get them trimmed.
One of the most commonly asked questions is ‘will I look good in bangs?’ and the truth is, bangs look great on pretty
much everyone. Whether you have straight, wavy or curly tresses, curtain bangs hairstyles look great on every hair type, texture and face shape.

Note. Talk to your stylist about how you tend to wear your hair, (for example if you have wavy hair and tend to wear it
straight or vice versa) they can point you in the right direction of the best length and depth of your bangs.


● Curtain bangs are relatively low maintenance. Typically they are easier to style than other types of bangs.
● When they are cut correctly, they are flattering on every hair type and face shape.
● Curtain bangs are super versatile and impactful. They are an easy effective way to frame your face and elevate
your hairstyle.
● Don’t feel like washing your whole hair? No problem, you can lazily wash your bangs in the hand basin to
freshen your look in minutes.


● Simply put for best results you should always leave trimming your bangs to a stylist - this can mean an extra
trip to the salon every now and then. That’s right, put those scissors down.
● You will need to style your bangs everyday, or at least every time you decide to wash your hair.

Curtain Bangs with Long Hair

Of course like everything, how you choose to style your curtain bangs is dependent on the look you are going for.
Whatever your hair type or style, consider investing in CLOUD NINE’s Luxury Round Brush, and hairdryer. Straightening
irons, curling tongs and texturizing sprays are great for adding extra style points to your finished look.

Long Feathered

On trend, effortlessly chic, long feathered bangs consist of textured flicked out ends. Whether you’re dedicated to your middle parting or prefer to sweep your tresses to the side, styling curtain bangs with a straightener can allude to an effortlessly gorgeous look...

Step 1: Once your hair is washed, spritz your hair with CLOUD NINE Magical Potion heat protectant spray.

Step 2: Using a fine tail comb, start by parting your hair down the middle or the side (you can always sweep your hair to
your desired side at the end).

Step 3: Take a small section that is close to the temples and wrap it around the CLOUD NINE Luxury Round Brush,
holding the brush at a right angle to your hairline.

Step 4: Using the CLOUD NINE Airshot Hairdryer add and remove heat over the section of hair in the brush for a few
seconds to help shape it. (Note. ensure you are holding the brush at a downward angle).

Step 5: Repeat this same process on the other side, until the hair is dry.

Step 6: Clip the left side of your bangs back out of the way for now. Begin to section the right bang to form a top and
bottom layer. Clip the bottom layer.

Step 7: On the top layer apply the CLOUD NINE Original Iron, to the root of the top layer, and following a curved
movement slowly follow the straightener from the root the tips of your long curtain bangs. Repeat the same procedure
for the bottom layer of the right bang.

Step 8: Repeat steps 6 and 7 on the left bang.

Step 9: Style your bangs in the position you want them. You may choose to add in a spritz of texturising spray and a
tiny bit of hairspray.

There you have it, easy breezy feathered bangs in a matter of minutes.

Curtain Bangs with Short Hair

Choppy with Layers

Gorgeous, choppy and great for showing off highlights and balayage colour work, curtain bangs with layers are timeless hairstyles for short and mid-length hair queens.

Step 1: The key with this style is texture, when the hair is damp, spritz in lashings of the CLOUD NINE Magical Quick Dry Potion and Amplify Spray.

Step 2: Loosely towel dry hair and using a fine comb section it into a middle parting.

Step 3: Using a round brush begin, blow drying all of your hair in sections using the CLOUD NINE Airshot Hairdryer.

Step 4: Once dry, clip your bangs back whilst you loosely wave all of your hair using the CLOUD NINE Original Iron.

Step 5: Once waved, unclip your bangs. On the first side apply the CLOUD NINE Original Iron, to the root of the top layer, and following a curved movement slowly follow the straightener from the root the tips of your long curtain bangs.

Step 6: Repeat procedure on the left side.

Step 7: Once finished, comb through your hair using your fingers to loosen waves.

Step 8: Finish with a spritz of hairspray.

Curtain Bangs + Hair Texture


Straight curtain bangs blend seamlessly into long straight tresses giving you a super natural look. Straight choppy
bangs are perfect for those with rounded features, talk to your stylist about adding round face hair bangs, to soften
rounded corners. They also work well for oval and long face shapes.

Centre Part

Straight hair with a centre part bang alludes to an effortless and seamless hairstyle, helping to frame the face and
accentuate facial features. What’s more, centre part bangs for straight hair are perfect if you like to wear your hair up in
a ponytail or bun.

When styling your centre part bangs blow dry the hair using the CLOUD NINE Luxury Round Brush, to achieve your
desired volume.


While you may be under the impression that curtain bangs only work for straight hair, we are here to remind you that is
not the case - curtain bangs hairstyles absolutely work for curly hair too! Bring out your most confident self with curling
curtain bangs, perfect for suiting all face shapes.

Coily Fringe

True coily curtain bangs that are a little bit longer in length can work perfectly to frame the face and accentuate your
best features. The key to achieving the best style is by working with your stylist to create a look that works best to
compliment your ringlets.


Curtain bangs are the perfect addition to wavy hair as they promote additional movement to your tresses, whilst
working with the natural wavy texture of the hair to frame and accentuate your face shape.


Show off your natural texture with swoopy curtain bangs. Begin by drying your hair as you normally would - drying your bangs using the CLOUD NINE Luxury Round Brush to ensure you’re achieving your desired shape. Using the CLOUD NINE Texture Wand, go over your waves to mimic the natural shape and wave. Using the CLOUD NINE Original Iron to mimic the shape of your bangs, curling the edge of the straightener up towards the side of your head to create a flicked swoopy effect, and repeat on the other side.

Got Thick Hair? Not To Worry

Being blessed with thick hair absolutely doesn’t mean you can’t rock curtain bangs… Add an elevated dimension to your
thick flowing tresses with long curtain bangs. A longer length fringe will mix into your face-framing pieces helping to
counteract the thickness.

Want to know how to blow dry curtain bangs for thick hair?

Step 1: Prepping your hair is key, ensure you spritz on Magical Potion heat protectant spray before you begin styling.

Step 2: Blow dry your hair as you normally would, sectioning off and leaving your bangs till last.

Step 3: Wrap your bangs around the CLOUD NINE Luxury Round Brush and pull them up and forward at a 45-degree angle.

Step 4: Repeat the motion, moving the brush from the roots to the ends - use the CLOUD NINE Airshot Hairdryer to remove the moisture from the hair altogether.

Step 5: Repeat on the other side. Once finished let the hair cool and then take the ends and flip over to the other side.

Tip. For lasting volume, you may choose to pin your bangs in rollers once you have blow dried each section of your
bang. This will help add extra volume for long-lasting results.

How to use rollers for curtain bangs:

Step 1: Once your hair is blow dried following the steps above, section out the hair belonging to your bangs.

Step 2: Using the CLOUD NINE O Pod Heated Rollers, secure a roller in each bang, rolling the roller down to face the floor. Secure in place and finish with a slight spritz of hairspray. Keep your rollers in whilst you complete your makeup, and take them out just before you leave.

Final Thoughts

Here’s to having great bangs whatever your hair type. Make a statement and set your new hairstyle off with a curtain
bang this season and beyond. Whatever your hair texture or face shape we guarantee there is a curtain bang style that
will suit all.

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