Social media doesn't have to be all bad for your mental health. There is a movement sweeping across socials, encouraging influencers to post real life images. A collective call for airbrushed bikini pictures to be replaced by images of stretch marks, scars, cellulite, bloating and real stories from real people.

Here are some of our favourite Instagram accounts to follow for real-life content.

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Purple hair. Ya dig? 🍇

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You might know Malin from Love Island however she has now dedicated her life and social media to important causes such as Domestic violence, grief and body positivity.

You don't get more chuffin' real than chuffin' Chazza Dawson.

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Sick of bein this sexy tbh 🙄

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I JUST TOOK A DNA TEST TURNS OUT IM 100% following Lizzo right now

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UGH this post-breakup glow is lasting forever

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Queen of life changing quotes such as "Stop raising him he's not your son" - send Florence to your girl who's going through a break-up immediately.

You might recognise Laverne from Orange is the new black. Follow Laverne for body positivity and to be further educated on the struggles currently faced by Trans women everywhere.

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It’s #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek here in the UK. ⠀ 🌻 There’s often a feeling with taking medication to help a persons mental health, that if they just try harder, they might not need it. That the person has somehow failed and being able to be a mentally well person. ⠀ But this isn’t true at all. Many people try, for example, to be less depressed. But sometimes they just need medication to feel well enough to engage in talking therapy or manage an exercise class. ⠀ Pill shaming is also making sure you don’t tell the person they haven’t tried hard enough to be mentally well, eg by saying “go eat better and do yoga then you won’t need it”. Or emphasising the negative side of taking medication like “I couldn’t take that, I wouldn’t want to have THAT side effect”. Because yes, we know all about that. ⠀ We also don’t always know why someone is on medication for their mental health, or what has been their story. We also have to acknowledge that often medication is the ONLY option because the wait for therapies is long or there is no therapy available. ⠀ Sometimes people can feel pressured to stop their medication, this can be dangerous to do without support or a proper plan. Am aware that support isn’t always there for people to come off, but if you can, tell a friend or someone you can trust, but best to speak to a doctor. ⠀ (I also want to point out that there are people who are forced to take medication. Not everyone chooses. ) ⠀ 💖 It’s ok to take medication for your mind. It’s not ok to shame other people for taking it. And remember not to shame yourself. ⠀ ➡️ available as a print and badge in my shop. Link in bio and ship worldwide ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ [visual description: pastel pink digital illustration. In black capital letters it says “END PILL SHAMING” with illustrations of different pills and tablets around. ⠀ Image 2: photo of badge with design ⠀ Image 3 photo of print with holographic lettering. ] #mentalhealthrecovery #pillshaming #mhaw2020

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