The team at CLOUD NINE HQ have been asked to share their favourite product, then style their hair with their chosen tool ready for our powerful product shoot. 

Beautiful hair starts with powerful tools. So, the question is what is your power product?


We want to encourage more women to live life with their power turned up. Self confidence, of course starts from within, but we know gorgeous silky locks can certainly help.

At CLOUD NINE we want to provide you with the tools to POWER UP your day.

So, if you need help deciding which CLOUD NINE would be right for you, we asked the team what their favourite POWER product is, and how this helps them feel their best self for the day ahead. We then asked everyone to style their hair ready for our shoot to help you decide, take a look...

Victoria - HR/Facilities Administrator

"My power product is the Wide Iron, I love the way I can create big bouncy blow-dry look curls. They make me feel confident and that I am ready to take on the day. Combined with the Magical Potion, I know my hair will be super shiny and protected against the heat."

Ghalia - Head of Export Sales

"Cordless for me! The fact I can top up my look anywhere I want makes me feel much better about external meetings/travelling a long distance to meet with someone. There is also now no need to ever have a bad hair day!"

Millie - Marketing Executive

"The Original Iron! I use it religiously every day. It helps to make me feel confident and therefore, powerful. Love it!"

Suzi - Digital Copywriter

"My power product without a doubt is the Waving Wand. I have thick, long hair so the wider barrel is ideal. My hair makes me feel powerful when it looks effortless, and this definitely helps me achieve that look."

Geri - Assistant Country Manager

"My power product is Magical Potion! It smells devine and makes my hair super smooth and conditioned."

Sophie - Marketing Executive

"My favourite product is the Touch Iron. I style my hair with this every day, whether I have my hair straight or bouncy waves. It makes me feel powerful as it gives me the confidence to take on the day. It also helps me makes the most of the day as it heats instantly and speeds up the time it takes to style my hair."

India - Social Media Executive

"My power product is the Original Iron Pro. I can create multiple hairstyles with the iron for every occasion, it is a huge part of finishing an overall fashion look. I use the Revive mode, which means I can give my hair that extra bit of kindness and TLC when applying heat to my hair. A powerful style means a powerful me."

Becky - Group Marketing Manager

"My favourite product would be the CLOUD NINE Curling Wand. The product is so versatile and easy to use. I have naturally straight hair so love creating curls to give my hair body and bounce. When my hair feels great so do I, it’s a real confidence booster!"

Alice - Digital Designer

"My power tool is the Micro Iron it allows for a really nice tight curl, which works perfect for my hair that usually struggles to hold. Not to mention it is super handy for traveling and quick and easy to use!"


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