It’s becoming harder and harder to prioritise our mental health. We work long hours, take our work home with us and are constantly inundated with unrealistic expectations and pressures from social media.

It’s easier said than done to implement a self care routine. Here are a few ways in which you can begin to give your body and mind a breather.


Here are some tips on how to go about your digital detox:

1. Set goals that are achievable - set aside an amount of time that you feel you need away from your devices, start small and build it up!

2. Ask your family to join in! It could be fun for the whole family to unplug and doing something with another person makes it a lot easier.

3. Replace the things you'd do on your devices with things you miss out on when you're using them.

4. Plan your day - soon enough you'll forget you're 'detoxing'.

5. Out of sight... out of mind, put your devices somewhere you won't be looking at them.


It’s actually scientific. The blue light emitted from our laptop, phone and tv screens affects our sleep and sleep is a huge importance to mental health.

Too much light can affect melatonin production and trick the brain into thinking it is not ready for sleep. The closer the light is, the more amplified the problem. Hence why using your phone late at night isn’t advised.

Try and avoid screen time for an hour before you go to bed and see whether it makes a difference to the quality or quantity of your sleep. SLEEP IS EVERYTHING.



Thousands of us use a therapist as a someone to confide in. If you're not into therapy then why don’t you begin to write a daily diary? Diary writing can help you to process the day and discover how you are truly feeling. A great way to start this is by treating yourself to a really special, brand new diary and matching pen. Keep the diary safely next to your bed and slowly implement it into your pre- sleep routine.



This is something we all struggle with but there are ways you can make this an easier and more fun task. Firstly, find a water bottle you think is cute and small enough for you to take everywhere with you. Some people prefer screw tops, others find sippy ends easier … it’s definitely a thing.

Once you have your perfect water bottle, figure out how you like your water. You’d be surprised how many small ways you can transform a bottle of water. Lemon? Cucumber? Ice? Grapefruit?! The possibilities are endless. Soon you will be gulping down litres without even noticing.



If you regularly find yourself in situations you don’t actually want to be in, you might be a people pleaser. People pleasing is all well and good at the time however it’s easy to miss the detrimental effect this attitude can have on your mental health. It’s important to be able to say no to plans and to friends when you’re just not feeling it. You don’t even need a reason to say no and when you become aware of this; you will feel free!



How comfortable are you with hanging out with yourself? If you feel the constant need to be around others, it might be a good idea to try and ween yourself off this dependency. I’m not suggesting you start sitting by yourself for days on end, however spending an hour or two at least a night in your own company can help to make you feel more secure. If you spend your entire day surrounded by an office full of people, it becomes nice to have some peace and quiet. Being alone is addictive, become your own best friend!

Mind also have some advice on how to improve your wellbeing on their website. To find out more, please visit: 

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