Busting those haircare myths.

Navigating the minefield that is haircare – all the various tips and snippets of advice – can be tiring and just plain confusing, right?! WE FEEL YOU.

Advice often seems contradictory, and it’s difficult to know who to trust. That is why we’ve asked our wonderful Style Ambassadors, full to the brim with knowledge and wisdom, to dish the deets on some of the most common hair myths. We’ve sifted through the old wives’ tales of haircare, to figure out which ones might be harming your hair rather than helping and offer wisdom that you can trust on what you should be doing instead!

MYTH NO. 1: Shampoo Suds are GOOD

Bubbles are great, especially when washing hair; they’re a sign that your shampoo is blitzing all the dirt and grime in your hair, leaving it shining and healthy. Sadly, this is not so true. Suds mean that whilst you might be cleansing your hair, you are doing so within an inch of your poor hair’s life. Why? Well, suds are a by-product of harsh detergents in sulfate shampoos. Whilst this all sounds rather scientific, the simplified truth is that these detergents strip hair of all its necessary oils and nutrients. So, abandon those suds and embrace natural shampoos – it may feel weird without suds, but believe us, your hair will thank you!

MYTH NO. 2: Airdrying is best!

As we previously investigated in our post on microfibre towels, leaving your hair to dry for a long time, despite everything you may have been told, in actual fact damages your hair. Water causes the follicles to expand, leaving hair prone to frizz and damage. The same goes for going to sleep with wet hair, regardless of how easy it may be! The solution – microfibre towels are definitely a good alternative (read the post here), but another is drying your hair on a hair-dryer's cool setting. Cloud Nine’s The Airshot is perfect; with tourmaline and vitamin-infused ceramic heating elements, you can care for your hair whilst drying it, removing excess moisture as quickly as possible, minimizing any risk of further damage.

MYTH NO.3: The more you brush, the healthier your hair…

Everyone says that the more you brush your hair, the healthier it will be. And whilst it’s true that brushing hair distributes the natural oils from the roots down to the tips, there’s sadly such a thing as over-brushing – something I very much wish I’d been told when I was younger! Brushing your hair, in fact, creates friction, which is why when done too often, it causes hair to break and frizz. When it comes to brushing your hair, little and (not too) often is best – around twice a day, and gently, to minimize any breakage.

MYTH NO.4: Shampooing = hair loss

Someone told me the other day that shampooing can lead to hair loss. This is super easy to believe – especially considering how regularly I have to de-clog the shower drain! However, apparently hair loss is (sadly) going to happen regardless – the normal person will lose anywhere from 20-100 strands a day! The real reason you may be shedding more hair than usual might shock you – it certainly goes against everything I’ve been told! Rather than over-washing, it's not washing enough that is the real hair-shedder. We’re not telling you to wash your hair every day, but the best thing you can do for your hair is to keep it clean and conditioned. Not only is this vital for your hair, but it's also important for your scalp! When it’s not washed regularly, the hair will create excessive amounts of oil to compensate, which in turn damages the root and leads to additional shredding. So, wash regularly – just not too regularly. Like with everything in life – moderation is key!

MYTH NO. 5: Regular hair trims = hair growth

It’s undeniable that hair trims are good for the health of your hair. Ditching those split ends is very important if you want those long locks you’ve been lusting after. However, regular trims won’t speed up hair growth, as this occurs at the roots of hair - not the tips. So whilst that trim is essential to maintain hair health (which means you can maintain the length of your hair for longer), it won’t get you there any faster.


This myth is probably born out of myth no.4. For those that are trying to wash their hair less frequently, dry-shampoo is a life saver, and supposedly better for your hair. Experts, however, say that there’s simply nothing better than water and shampoo. If anything, dry-shampoo increases build-up at the roots, causing scalp irritation, and dull, lifeless hair (to solve this problem, read the post here). It’s great for those days where you just don’t have the time, but not necessarily for the health of your hair.

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