We're helping you get date night ready this Valentine's day with our feel the power of love pony! We may not be able to wear this to the bar this year but we can certainly create it at home and do it for the 'gram!

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Step 1 – Spray CLOUD NINE Magical Potion liberally over towel dried hair and blow dry the hair using the CLOUD NINE AIRSHOT PRO.  You can also use a light hold product to give some added texture to the hair.

Step 2 – Section the hair, then using the CLOUD NINE Curling Wand, wrap the hair around the Wand to create a cool girl textured wave

Step 3 – Using the CLOUD NINE Texture Comb dress out the curls

Step 4 – Braid a section of hair down the centre parting

Step 5 – Pull the rest of the hair into a ponytail and secure with an elastic

Step 6 – Take a section of hair under the ponytail and wrap around the elastic securing with a Kirby-grip  

Step 7 – Use a texturising spray to tease out the ponytail giving it a textured look and to enhance the movement in the hair



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