Days of Sun, Sea and Sand have come to an end - now its time to fix the damage!

We asked our Style Ambassador Mahfair to share some tips and advice on how to take care of your hair after the Summer Holidays.


We put our hair through a lot during the Summer with the sun, wind, salt and chlorine. Sadly this often results in drier, weaker and more brittle hair. After analysing your hair, you need to decide what is it's primary concern. Do you find your hair is snapping easily when dry, or over stretching when wet (like chewing gum)? Or do you find it lacks shine and is less manageable? If your hair strength is compromised then your first focus should be improving the condition.

Start using treatments that will start to rebuild the missing proteins and improve elasticity. Philip Kingsley does an amazing treatment called Elasticizer that really works on improving the hair structure as well as shine.

If dryness is your concern, you need to spend a little more time adding the moisture back in. Start with preconditioning before you cleanse the hair. Kerastase has a great oil called Elixir Ultime which you can work into the hair and leave for a few minutes before you shampoo - add conditioner if extra dry. Look for shampoos that will add moisture to help with softness.

Before applying conditioner, gently blot dry the hair (never rub creating friction) and apply a good hydrating hair mask. If you need to dry you hair after try to do so on medium heat setting on your Cloud Nine Airshot.


Our hair is like a sponge - when it's dry it has the ability to absorb moisture and expand. To reduce frizz over Autumn it's best to kick in your post Summer hair care regime immediately, healthy hair does not only look good but is also more manageable.

When our hair contains the right amount of moisture to remain healthy, it is less likely to absorb any dampness/humidity in the atmosphere. This causes it to frizz because it's already filled with the moisture it needs. (Just like a sponge; You can't mop up more water if the sponge is already soaked).

Also, after styling your hair it's a good idea to go over it with the Cloud Nine Irons (or just the hair line). This will seal the cuticle (your outside layer) making it more resistant to outside forces. Think of it like sealing tiles on a roof, water is less likely to get in if sealed properly. ​

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