Begin planning your Autumn look!

September is upon us, the glory days of August are behind us, and the question on peoples’ lips – is it Autumn yet? Well, whilst we’re not quite ready to say bye to Summer 2018, it’s never too early to begin planning your autumn look and find the perfect style to compliment your knitted faves.

The runway and professional hairstylists confirm that natural and low maintenance is IN this Autumn – from light hair-colours with dark roots, to tousled and textured bobs, we think that this is one of our fave trends yet, and we can finally leave the house with bed-hair and look stylish.


This sounds like a bit of a nightmare. Dark roots? More like in need of retouching roots. However, no longer are dark roots simply a sign that you’re in desperate need of a hair appointment. This look has been treated to a restyle and has been growing in popularity over the past couple of years, with styles such as balayage and baby-lights. This Autumn’s trend is the Toasted Coconut – trust us, it looks as tasty as it sounds! It’s one of those styles that looks just as good – if not better – weeks after having been done, and is the perfect, low maintenance way to go blonde without the effort.

blunt bobs

Bobs are being hailed as the cut of the season, and we can understand why! Last year it was the lob, but this year it’s going shorter and edgier – think chin-length. Effortlessly stylish, cut bluntly and cleanly, it looks sleek and modern, and for those of you brave enough this is an autumn must-have. It’s also the perfect way to remedy the damage caused by the sea, sun and Summer in general, cutting off split-ends and damage. We know that Spring is usually the season of rejuvenation, but we think this trophy should also go to Autumn!


When I say texture, think shaggy. Think volume. Think wavy. This Autumn is all about natural looking, bedhead texture, and we LOVE it – roll out of bed and instantly look stylish? YES PLEASE! If your natural hair doesn’t have much texture and is pin straight, you can always turn to the Cloud Nine Curling Wand to loosely curl your hair, before brushing out for waves. Perfect for those with finer hair, this will add heaps of volume, whilst freshening your style.

glass hair

On the other end of the spectrum is glass hair – ultra sleek, ultra-shiny and ultra-straight. Slightly more high maintenance, but gorgeous nevertheless (sometimes the effort is worth it!). Achieved by straightening your hair, the Cloud Nine Original Iron is ideal – the mineral-infused plates will provide that healthy shine, along with the pin-straight locks that last and last.

undone updo

Yet another low maintenance, minimalist style (this is literally heaven!). Painstakingly slaving over that updo, pinning it tightly and neatly, ensuring smoothness and perfection is a thing of the past! Flyaways? Big deal, we were born with them! Embrace imperfections and own them with a messy style like this. Stylish, cool and not try-hard – we have a feeling we’re going to LOVE Autumn 2018!

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