Emma entered our KH Hair Group with this amazing Retro Waves look and now we will share her steps and expertise with you!

Emma Davison was the winner of our Keith Hall training day competition, where entrants had to create a look using any styler of our range and apply the knowledge and techniques they learn at the Cloud Nine training day. Why not try this look for the weekend?

Step 1

Prepare the hair with a smooth blow dry.

Step 2

Take about an inch sections and twist the hair as you are wrapping it around the Wand.

Step 3

Continue the same pattern on all of the hair curling it all in the same direction.

Step 4

Once you have a spiral curl effect, use the Cloud Nine Dressing Brush gently to brush out the curls through the hair.

Congratulations to Emma who will be receiving a Cloud Nine styler of her choice and a big thank you for sharing these steps with us!

Millie Rae
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