The lovely team at City Brides have teamed up with Cloud Nine to bring you an array of beautiful Bridal Hair! Our first look is the timeless Classic Vintage!

  • Step 1 

Section hair in to 4 sections; 2 at the front, one at the crown and one lower section at the back. Take the back section and pull in to a pony tail at the nape of the neck.

  • Step 2 

Spray clean toothbrush with hairspray and tidy up loose hair at the neck to give a nice smooth finish.

  • Step 3 

Using cloud nine amplify spray, spray the pony tail and curl using straighteners.

  • Step 4 

Place top section at crown in to two large heated rollers. Use pins to hold rollers in place rather than clips to achieve a smoother finish.

  • Step 5 

Place 2x front sections in to smaller rollers, again using pins to secure.

  • Step 6 

Cut large donut in half and pin securely next to ponytail.

  • Step 7 

Once cooled remove large rollers and tease gently to add volume to style.

  • Step 8 

Remove smaller rollers smoothing out each section and pin on top of padding.

  • Step 9 

Place accessories to complete the style.

Hair & makeup by City Brides

Photography by Derek Christie

Dresses provided by Emma Roy Bridalwear.

Headpieces provided by LHG Designs

Flowers by Floral Ambitions

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