Which wand is best for my hair type? To help you choose the perfect curl we will take you through our award winning range of Curling Wands.


Easy to use, the Cloud Nine Curling Wand creates an infinite number of styles including large curls, tight curls and soft waves - all with a smooth and long-lasting glossy finish. The Curling wand has a 25mm super-smooth, mineral infused, coated barrel which leaves hair looking smooth and polished. The variable temperature control allows you to choose the heat best suited to your hair, for kinder styling and lasting results. We literally can't keep this little miracle in stock so if you're lucky enough to get hold of The Curling Wand, don't let go.



Hair Type: Delivers soft waves and curls, easy to use and works on all hair lengths.


"The best curl I've ever created for myself"

Kristina Long - FEEFO


The award winning, long, straight barrel of The Cloud Nine Waving Wand makes it the perfect tool for creating both loose waves and smooth curls. The Waving Wand boasts a diameter of 38mm,making it the thickest of our wands which makes it easier to achieve 'bouncy blow dry' looking volume. This perfect little tool can kill frizz in seconds, leaving behind a head of seamlessly glossy waves. Great for taming thicker hair types.



Hair Type: Delivers soft waves and curls across all hair types. Great for long, thick hair.


"I love it. They're fab and the wave it creates looks so much more natural and stay in the following day too!"

Chelsea Jackson - FEEFO


The most recent addition to our wand family, The Cloud Nine Texture Wand is famous for its tapered shape. The unique design of our Texture Wand enables those with already curly or textured hair to enhance their natural style, whilst banishing frizz. This versatile Wand offers endless looks from tight curls and large waves to fabulous volume and is proven to leave your hair feeling healthier, shinier and glossier.



Hair Type: Delivers natural looking curls that last. Great for already curly hair types.


"It was lovely and much easier to curl than using my straightener."


James Wray
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