The bigger, the better when it comes to hair!

We all know that there are some hairstyles that are better left in the 80s (mullets, we’re looking at you!). There are, however, some retro looks that are NEVER going out of style - like these big, bouncy curls!

We’re OBSESSED with their texture, movement and gloss. Even better, we’re loving just how easy they are to create.

If you’re lucky enough to already have curly hair, this style would be PERFECT for enhancing your gorgeous natural texture. If you’re a straight-haired girl who’s locks just won’t hold a curl – prepare to be IMPRESSED. This style will also work for you, thanks to the tapered, mineral-infused ceramic barrel of our new Micro Wand. This wonderful Wand also features our variable temperature control and Smart Technology to give your curls protection and HOLD.

To find out how to create these HEAVENLY corkscrew curls, scroll down and watch our Style Ambassador James Earnshaw working his magic!



  • If your hair already has some natural texture (we’re super jealous), then start by washing your hair with a curl enhancing shampoo. Davines LOVE curl shampoo is perfect for nourishing your precious strands.
  • Next, spray a generous amount of our award-winning Magical Potion into your damp hair. This magical elixir PROTECTS hair from extreme styling damage and delivers a GLOSSY finish.
  • Blowdry your hair using our ICONIC Airshot, making sure you attach our Diffuser. Each contoured finger of the Diffuser works independently to lift and separate your hair, decreasing frizz and adding VOLUME.
  • Next, section your hair and curl it using our amazing new Micro Wand. This MIRACLE Wand gives natural-looking curls that last.
  • To dress the hair, run your hands through the roots to create even more volume. Then gently pull individual curls to extend and separate them. Ensure you use your hands rather than a brush to prevent the curls frizzing.
  • To finish, spritz with your favourite hairspray. We’re LOVING the Ouai Texturising hairspray right now for adding that 'oomph'!


To achieve these tight, spiral curls on your naturally straight hair, simply follow the above steps but with two minor changes:

  • Ahead of blow drying your hair, run a curl-holding mousse through the hair for a bit of extra hold. We ADORE Bumble and Bumble’s surf foam spray.
  • Once you have dried and sectioned your hair, curl your hair in smaller sections than you would usually. This will help you to achieve BOLD, bouncy curls.

And there you have it - gorgeous, tight curls with staying power. Prepare for lots of compliments, darling!

If you do try this style, make sure to tag us using #CloudNineHair and we’ll share as many as we can.

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