If you are lucky enough to be attending one of the few festivals this year we have the style you NEED!

Inspired by the ultimate festival we are dying to get back to check out our Glastonbury braid...

Festival Hair

We’ve packed our wellies, snowsuit and factor 50 sunscreen (gotta be prepared for any weather darling!) but most importantly, we’ve got our hair plans in the bag too! We’ll be rocking this SUPER EASY braid – perfect for making hair look FABULOUS even when it’s caught in the rain, splashed with cider or covered in dry shampoo.

If you want to add this look to your own festival style line up, check out this dreamy infinity braid tutorial now:


  • Start by prepping your locks with our Magical Quick Dry Potion. This hair hero not only works to protect your hair against heat, but also reduces drying time by up to 50%
  • Spray a texturizing spray onto the hair to create texture
  • Part your hair in the middle. Take one side and secure the other with a hair band.
  • Gather a triangle shaped section from the front of the hair. Keep hold of this and brush the remaining hair backwards
  • Separate the hair in the triangle section into three strands
  • Take one stand of hair from the right and wrap it underneath the left. Then, bring that same strand over the left and wrap it under the right – in a figure of 8 style movement
  • Continue doing the same thing, picking up new strands of hair from the right and the left as you go down along the head. Make sure you leave a small section out of the braid at the sides of the head
  • Continue the braid until you reach the nape of your neck and secure with an elastic
  • Loosen the top of the braids for a more relaxed look
  • Do the same on the other side of your head
  • Shape the loose hair on either side of your head into a curve and work the Original Iron down the hair, to give a relaxed finish

And, you’re done! Now you’re ready to go rock out looking like a festival queen.

TOP TIP: To change this up from day to day, why not try different accessories in your hair each day? Start with flowers for the ultimate hippy-chic vibes, then you could try hair slides or glitter.

TAG US: If you give this dreamy ‘do a try, make sure you grab a snap and tag it on Insta using #CloudNineHair. We’ll share as many as we can!

Don’t think your fingers could master this look? Fear not, we’ve got plenty of other unreal festival hairstyles for you to try!

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