Curled and accessorised hair is a LOOK and we know that curling hair with a straightener is a skill. So, we wanted to show you an easy step by step tutorial with the tips and techniques you need to achieve this gorgeous style using the CLOUD NINE Airshot and the CLOUD NINE Wide Iron.

how to curl hair with the wide iron


  1. Starting with wet hair, spray Magical Quick Dry Potion and comb through from root to tip
  2. Blast dry your hair until it is 85% dry before you style
  3. Set your Airshot Hairdryer to a medium heat and medium speed
  4. Take a small section of hair and layer it on top of your round brush. Follow with your Airshot making sure the nozzle is directing the airflow down the hair
  5. Using your Evergreen Wide Iron, place the iron in your hair and make a 180 degree turn and pull down slowly
  6. Turn the iron away from your face on both sides and continue throughout the hair
  7. Brush out using the Luxury Texture Comb
  8. Add your fave Kela hair charm to a side of your choice to add that extra festive sparkle

Top Tip - For a tighter wave do a 360 degree turn



Spritz some magic this season with The CLOUD NINE Magical Potion to protect hair from heat, tame frizz and flyaways and keep hair looking glam and gorgeous ready for the party season.

Create fierce volume this Christmas with The Airshot Hairdryer.

Curl, wave, straighten whatever your style, whatever look you are feeling you can achieve it with The Wide Iron Straighteners.

Tease out waves and curls for a natural, soft finish with The Luxury Texture Comb.

For more get the looks and hair inspiration follow CLOUD NINE Hairstyles and CLOUD NINE YouTube.

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