As official hair partner of Love Island 2021 we want to bring you exclusive looks straight from the island. 

Liberty joins us in the beach hut to show you how to get wavy hair as she has styled in the villa using CLOUD NINE tools for a gorgeous, glam look.

How to get glam waves

step by step

Creating Glamour Waves


  1. Starting with wet hair, spray through the CLOUD NINE Magical Potion and CLOUD NINE Amplify Spray throughout the hair and comb through the hair from root to tip using the Texture Comb
  2. Take a section from temple to temple and clip on top of your head using a Croc Clip
  3. Blast dryyour hair until it is 85% dry before you style
  4. Set your Airshot Pro to a medium heat and medium speed and take vertical sections
  5. Take a small section of hair and layer it on top of your Boar Bristle Brush and follow with your hairdryer making sure the nozzle is directing the airflow down the hair
  6. As you reach the ends of the hair twist the brush inwards to create a small flick
  7. You can repeat this process 2-3 times on each section to get a more defined flick
  8. Once the lengths of your hair are dry you can start with the top section of hair
  9. Blow-dry the first section forwards and work back until all the hair on top is dry

Creating Glamour Waves - Always wear your heat Glove

  1. Spray the Magical potion throughout the hair
  2. Put a parting in your hair (side/center) then using a medium heat wrap the hair around the barrel of the Waving Wand
  3. On each side of your hair wrap the hair around the barrel away from your face
  4. Wait 5-10 seconds, let the curl drop onto your hand and leave it in the palm of your hand for a few seconds and then let the curl drop
  5. Leave the curls to cool
  6. Brush out your curls with either the CLOUD NINE Paddle Brush or Luxury Texture Comb
  7. Decided which side you would like to tuck and comb this section of hair back behind your ear.

Top tip- To create a fuller more long-lasting wave, after each section wind up your curl and clip into place. Once cooled unwind your curls and follow step 7


the tools you need

True magic in a bottle. Speed up your drying time and protect your hair with our Magical Potion. Prevent frizz and flyaways, protect against heat damage and provide hair with conditioning kindness.

Waves for days! Create beautiful soft waves with the CLOUD NINE Waving Wand.

Turn up your style with The Airshot Pro to boost drying time, shine, condition and hair health with every use.

Kinder to your hair and scalp. Use your CLOUD NINE Paddle Brush to detangle and style.

Complete your look with The Luxury Texture Comb. Gorgeous tortoiseshell, this wide tooth comb will be your essential accessory to create volume, texture and a natural, lived in style. Gently brush out your finished waves or curls to create an effortless, natural bounce!

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