The biggest difference with the wands is the finish which you can achieve and versatility of the tools.

The Waving Wand features a 4 inch wide barrel, making it the perfect tool to create beautifully waved hair, giving the effect of a big bouncy blow-dry. The width of the barrel makes it most suited to long hair.

The Curling Wand features a much smaller 1.3 inch barrel, so the size of the waves it creates a much tighter. The Curling Wand is therefore outstanding for beach waves, curly tousled locks, and can be used on any hair length.

The below image shows the two wands in action.

The image on the left shows the finished look when brushed through of the Waving Wand, the right the Curling Wand. As you can see, the Waving Wand creates larger, looser waves. 

For a full comparison of all of our Wands take a look at our handy Wand Comparison Page HERE

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