Although making the daring decision to cut some bangs can transform your style, the key is choosing a fringe that will complement your natural face shape.

From short and choppy to long and wispy, there is a range of shapes and lengths to choose from, however what might suit one face shape does not necessarily mean it would suit another. To ensure you make the best choice, follow our top tips for a fabulous fringe!

Heart Face Shape – Wide forehead with a narrow jaw line

Those with a heart shaped face and longer, curly hair should opt for a wispy fringe that is more low-key to blend into the rest of your style seamlessly. If your hair has a shorter cut, make a statement with a blunt fringe. Overall try to avoid top heavy styles and focus on creating volume at the bottom of your face with some curls or waves to flatter your profile.

Famous heart face – Jennifer Lopez 

Round Face Shape – Circular shape

A graduated bob is a perfect hairstyle choice for elongating the face and slimming down your profile. Pair with a thinned out, side-swept fringe to complete your look and stay away from chin length styles and short layers as they will only make your face appear more rounded.

Famous round face – Mila Kunis

Oval Face Shape – Longer face shape

If you have long hair always go for textured, layered styles to give your face more shape. Although thick, blunt fringes can work great on long foreheads, avoid a fringe at all costs if your forehead is more on the smaller side and be sure to steer clear of straight, shoulder length hairstyles.  

Famous oval face – Megan Fox

Square Face Shape – Broad forehead with a sharp, angular jaw

As short, sharp cuts will only accentuate the square shape of your face, opt for feathered styles that will fall softly around your cheek bones. A long, poker straight look can be just as flattering, especially when finished with a fringe that sweeps across the face over the forehead and eyes.

Famous square face – Victoria Beckham

Cloud Nine Micro Irons are the perfect hair tool for styling fringes. Whatever style you choose, just be sure it makes you feel confident and comfortable because at the end of the day, that’s what matters the most!

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