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Where can I find my nearest Cloud Nine stockist?

Simply visit our store locator and enter your postcode to locate your nearest stockist.

Need more help or advice?

If you haven't found an answer to your question, get in touch via our Contact Us form and we'll respond as soon as possible.

How can I find out if my Cloud Nine product is genuine?

Although many irons on the market use a hologram to prove their authenticity, these can be easily copied. Therefore, Cloud Nine irons have each been given their own unique identity code thanks to a state-of-the art RFID chip. This chip is designed to protect you and your product from fraud or mis-selling. To confirm authentication, please contact us on 0845 0267 121

Is my Cloud Nine product still under warranty?

All Cloud Nine electrical products come with a one year warranty as standard; however if you register any Iron or Wand within 14 days of purchase the warranty will be extended to three years. This does not affect yor consumer rights. 

Straighteners FAQs

There is a fault with my Irons / The O and I need to return it, what do I do?

See our Returns section for details of how to simply, safely and securely return your Cloud Nine product.

Do the irons have dual voltage?

Both the standard and wide irons are supplied with a standard two-pin Euro plug but have been fitted with a UK 3-amp adaptor. Should you wish to use your iron in a country that uses the two-pin Euro plug, simply remove the screw that is positioned between the three pins and slide the adaptor away from the two-pin plug. On returning to the UK all you need to do is reverse this sequence. The micro iron does NOT have this feature.

What happens if I forget to turn my irons off?

All Cloud Nine irons have an important safety feature - the hibernation mode. This intelligent sleep technology automatically kicks in when the irons have been switched on but not used for thirty minutes. When in this mode they'll cool down completely, and only reheat once you've switched them off and on again and selected the temperature you want.

How do I know when my irons are ready to use?

Once the irons have been switched on the green light will start flashing and will illuminate on 150° when they are ready to use. To select a higher temperature, simply press the button with the arrow facing upwards.

Curlers FAQs

What is the difference between the waving wand and the wand?

The main difference between The Wand and The Waving Wand is the barrel, which can help you achieve different results. While The Wand aims to create bouncy curls, from natural looking to cork-screw ones, The Waving Wand features a uniform wide barrel which will allow you to create softer waves. The process of curling your hair with the Waving Wand is exactly the same as the Wand’s curling process, using the heatproof glove.

It's also worth knowing that The Waving Wand is not recommended for short or collar-length hair due to its uniform wide barrel. Best results are achieved when styling long hair, especially using the Cloud Nine Amplify Spray.

Is the barrel width the same on each wand?

The Curling Wand has a width of 25mm and the Waving Wand has a width of 38mm.

What is the length of the Curling Wand and the Waving Wand?

The length of the Curling Wand is 280mm and the length of the Waving Wand is 290mm.

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