Magical Duo


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A truly Magical Duo. A powerful pair packed with heat protection, flyaway prevention and strengthening and conditioning powers. Magical Potion saves your drying time and brings out your shine. Heat protection, frizz and flyaway prevention and hair conditioning kindness. Magical Remedy helps to protect and strengthen existing bonds and repair broken ones while sealing split ends. The ultimate duo for healthier, stronger, shinier hair.

  • Reducing heat damage
    Shake the Magical Quick Dry Potion to mix the ingredients together to activate the lightweight conditioners that work to protect hair from heat damage from both styling and UV rays.

  • Increasing smoothness and shine
    The leave-in conditioner works to nourish hair and strengthen it from any previous heat or styling damage, leaving hair healthy and shining.

  • Reducing drying time
    The ingredients work to reduce drying time by up to half, while taming unmanageable hair and reducing frizz and flyaways.

  • Protect and Strengthen
    Protect, strengthen, and repair bonds in the hair and instantly seal split ends for visibly shinier, stronger and healthier hair.

  • High gloss finish
    A high-gloss,super-smooth finish, and all-round impeccably behaved hair.

  • Deeply Conditioning
    Deeply conditioning yet lightweight, it's suitable for all hair types and works to gradually strengthen and fortify strands.

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