Repair services have to be ordered seperately to other products.


Repair services have to be ordered seperately to other products.

Full view of a black CLOUD NINE Waving Wand standing upright.
Cropped view of a black CLOUD NINE Waving Wand's handle with temperature set to low.
Close up of the barrel of a black CLOUD NINE Waving Wand barrel.

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Refurbished: The Waving Wand

Wave hello to soft waves and smooth curls. The Waving Wand is designed with a bigger barrel. To make lighter work of loose curls.




Refurbished: The Waving Wand
Variable Temperature Control
Work smarter. Not hotter.
A close-up image of the temperature settings on the black CLOUD NINE Waving Wand.
When it comes to heat, less is more. So the Waving Wand has Variable Temperature Control from 130°C to 180°C . For a range of hair types. Meaning you can style at the safest temperature that works for you. Because no hair is the same.
Mineral Infused Ceramic Barrel
Minerals that work miracles.
Sericite. Meets Tourmaline. The Waving Wand's 38mm ceramic barrel is infused with our signature duo of moisture-locking minerals. For hair that’s stronger. Shinier. Smoother. Root to tip.
Close up of the mineral infused barrel on the CLOUD NINE Waving Wand.
A close up-image of the pivoting cord on the black CLOUD NINE Waving Wand.
360° Swivel Cord
Pivoting cord. Pivotal to styling.
Create looks that turn heads, with a cord that turns all the way. Our unique 360° Swivel Cord is designed to rotate limitlessly in both directions, making it easier to style hard to reach areas. And preventing cord tangle. For quick styling. And a long-lasting cord.

and so much more...

Make waves.
The 140mm barrel is made for creating bigger waves. Adding volume and lift for waves that last all day.
In your hands.
Every CLOUD NINE Wand comes with a heat protective glove. More control. And curls that flow.
Recycle tools. Not style.
When it comes to styling, we're all about sustainability. So while we’re revolutionising styling tools, you can recycle you're old one and receive a £20 discount code. Looking good never felt so good.
Style in no time.
Our Wands reaches maximum temperature in under a minute.
Protective kickstand.
Protect your surfaces and avoid heat damage and wear and tear while your wand cools down.
Heat resistant style case.
For longer styling life. Protect your wand when not in use to avoid scratches and damage.
Close up of the mineral infused barrel.
Close up of the white CLOUD NINE branding on the handle of the black Waving Wand.
Close up of the power button and mineral infused barrel of the Waving Wand.

Over300+awards won globally


"Our goal: Unstoppable style. Revolutionary technology. Our products are designed with your hair in mind. It's why we've won over 300 awards and counting."

" A great all-rounder for curls of all sizes. "
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The Waving Wand

Heat Resistant Style Case

Heat Resistant Glove

Ideal For: Wavy looks

Hair Type: Mid-long hair

Temperature: 130-180°c

Hot Within: 20 seconds

Cord Details: 2.7M

Voltage: 220-240v

Weight: 0.40 Kg

Can The Waving Wand be used world-wide?

If you want to use a CLOUD NINE product internationally, all you have to do is use a UK to EU or US adaptor. Please note that our products operate at standard UK voltage (220v – 240v), which means that in countries that use different voltage levels, performance can be affected. To avoid disappointment, we recommend checking your destination’s voltage before you make your trip!

What is the size of the barrel on The Waving Wand?

The barrel is 140mm long and 38mm wide.

How should I store my Waving Wand?

Your CLOUD NINE product will live a long and happy life if you keep an eye on how you store it. Only put your Wand away when the barrel is cool and keep the plug away from the barrel as this can cause scratches. Try not to tightly wrap the cable around your Irons, Wands or Airshots. Instead, gently loop it in the carry case. This greatly reduces the chances of wearing the inner wire, which is important because this kind of damage isn’t covered by warranty. 

Does The Waving Wand have an automatic turn off?

Style easy. After 30 minutes of inactivity, the Waving Wand will turn off automatically to protect your surfaces.

Can I use The Waving Wand on short hair?

The Waving Wand is not recommended for short or collar-length hair, but for mid-length to longer hair. For shorter hair, try our Texture Wand.

What’s the difference between The Curling Wand and The Waving Wand?

The main difference between The Curling Wand and The Waving Wand is the barrel, which can help you achieve different results. While The Curling Wand creates bouncy curls The Waving Wand’s wide barrel creates softer waves.


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