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The O Ultimate Set - Black

I finally got myself this amazing heated roller set after seeing it in action over a year ago. You truly get what you pay for with this set.

The innovative technology is something I cannot do without on photoshoots and in salon. It’s so easy to use, and I don’t have to prepare anything, so when my client suddenly asks for that ‘Kate Middleton’  or ‘Cheryl Cole’ blow-dry I can pop a roller in an instant!

My favourite thing about them is that I don’t burn myself anymore! Gone are the days of faffing with hot plastic rollers that keep sliding out the hair. I couldn’t settle for anything less now.

Peachy Stylist

The Original Iron

After reading loads of reviews online and agonizing about which iron to buy, I decided on this one.  I have to say, I was really impressed with it when I got it.

Tried it for a few days and then ended up finding a sale on that other popular iron people compare this too… the price difference was massive so I sent these back thinking the other iron would be just about as good.

Let me tell you… it’s not.  Really nothing compares to these.  They are really in a league of their own.  I have fine hair that’s ringlet-curly underneath, straight in the back and frizzy on top so in short- a mess.

These make my hair so shiny, whatever this special thing in the plates is, it really has an effect on my hair.  No other iron I’ve ever used (including the “other” one) has made my hair shiny like these, I get that lovely bouncy, healthy looking hair which I’ve never had on my own.

Suffice to say I’ve promptly returned the others and am reordering these stat! I should have stuck with my original instinct as these are really fantastic and worth every penny.


The Original Wand

Ordered the wand at last minute for a Christmas present and it was delivered even quicker than expected! My daughter loves the wand. She finds it easier to use than any other hair styling product and the results look fabulous :-)


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