What Our Customers Say

The Original Iron

Oh my, they are actually amazing. I got these as a present after having my GHD’s, which I thought I could never replace. However after using these my GHD’s could never compare to my cloud nine iron.

Absolutely amazing for any hair, any style, any length, smoothness… beautiful hair everyday!


The Wide Iron

I received these for my birthday and I knew about these products as my hairdresser has used them before.

I had the GHD wide iron and they are ok but they’re fixed on a hot heat, so when I straightened my hair it would smell burnt and it would go brittle. So, I asked my family to buy me these and I wonder how i ever managed before!

My hair is so soft and now there’s no frizz on the top of my hair and the straightness will last for days and day! As i’ve got natural thick unruly frizzy curly hair, these work a treat! I’m sooooooooooooooooooo happy THANK YOU!!! =)


The O Ultimate Set - Black

I finally got myself this amazing heated roller set after seeing it in action over a year ago. You truly get what you pay for with this set.

The innovative technology is something I cannot do without on photoshoots and in salon. It’s so easy to use, and I don’t have to prepare anything, so when my client suddenly asks for that ‘Kate Middleton’  or ‘Cheryl Cole’ blow-dry I can pop a roller in an instant!

My favourite thing about them is that I don’t burn myself anymore! Gone are the days of faffing with hot plastic rollers that keep sliding out the hair. I couldn’t settle for anything less now.

Peachy Stylist

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