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The O Pod

Absolutely fantastic product! Fast and very effective. Love it and would highly recommend!

Illona Taylor

The O Pod

I went into a salon in BC Canada to get a wash and cut. This rep came in with new funky hot roller product. She was very excited about this product.

She asked if I would like to see how easy and fantastic it worked, and I said of course. The rollers heat up extremely fast, they stay hot while on your head for at least ten minutes, but the real beauty is the receptacle doesn’t.

You can put your hand inside and you will not get burnt! And they gave me such volume with so little effort! I love this product, it looks like I spent an hour on my hair and all we did was leave it in hot rollers for ten minutes! One could never get that volume with a blow dryer. I want a set!


The O Pod

Had a demostration at my hairdressers and promptly ordered the set for my birthday! the only drawback I can possibly think of is that on my medium lengt hair I have to keep fairly still as they tend to fall out.

Failing that, easy to use, end result great!  Having the carrier also makes me keep it all tidy.  Expensive but worth it.


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