The O Pod

“ A must for big hair lovers and serial blow-driers.” Vogue UK

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Our O Rollers reach a maximum temperature of 130 C with the purpose of helping you achieve curls that last forever at temperatures that won’t cause irreparable damage. The result? Instant style and volume as well as maintaining your hair’s natural shine.


The O Pod’s Rollers heat up and cool down in the hair, not in your hand. This means they’re ready to use after just 4 seconds in The O Pod. Put simply, The O will give you that fabulous fresh out of the Blow Dry Bar effect in half the time.


Our O Pod is a multi-award winning, styling innovation sensation. Featuring ground-breaking induction technology, it heats the O Rollers in less than just four seconds, allowing you to create fabulous volume and a faux blow-dry in minutes. Perfect for: short to mid-length hair. Includes 1-year manufactures Warranty.

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The O by Cloud Nine is a multi award-winning, styling innovation sensation

The O Pod’s unique induction technology heats the O Rollers in less than four seconds, allowing you to create fabulous volume in minutes. The O will change the way you think about rollers forever.

Simply plug The O Pod in, turn on, take a roller and place it into the central chamber, in just four seconds it’s ready to use. The pod beeps four times to let you know the roller is ready for use and each roller has a unique heat indicator spot to let you know when it’s ready to be removed from the hair.

The O Pod by Cloud Nine comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Simply register your product to activate.

Hair Awards 2014 Winner
Your Hair Awards 2013 Winner

The Award-Winning O Pod

The O Pod was the winner of the Hair Awards 2014 Best Heated Rollers, HJ Business Awards Innovation of the Year 2011, Your Hair Awards 2012 Best Heated Rollers and Your Hair Awards 2013 Best Heated Rollers

The Science Bit

Super Fast Heat

The O features revolutionary induction heating technology which channels energy directly into the O Roller. The O Pod is so fast that you can heat the O Roller you need in just 4 seconds! Simply place your O Roller into the Pod and within seconds it will be charged. When time is of the essence, The O can keep up without a problem.

Need More Volume or Extra Bounce?

Simply place more rollers into the pod, one after the other, to achieve a complete look. Little time or energy is required.


The O is revolutionary in more ways than one. Why waste power heating up an entire set of rollers? The O Pod heats only the rollers you need as and when you need them. The result? The O uses 7 times less power than traditional heated rollers.

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The O Pod

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