Create those soft, sleek curls you’ve always dreamed of with our range of CLOUD NINE hair curlers for long hair, short hair, and everything in between. 


Choosing the perfect curling wand depends on several factors, including your hair type, condition, and the look you’d like to achieve. Generally speaking: 

  • Thinner, tapered barrel curling irons produce tighter curls and are good for touching up naturally curly hair. 
  • Big barrel curling wands are ideal for creating wide, bouncy curls or stretched-out waves.

Many of CLOUD NINE’s curling wands come with Variable Temperature Control, which allows you to choose the heat that’s best for your hair, making them versatile for every hair type.

When it comes to storing a CLOUD NINE curling wand safely, we recommend you:

  • Keep the plug of your CLOUD NINE curling wand away from the barrel to avoid scratching. 
  • Avoid wrapping the cord around the wand. 
  • Leave your curling iron to cool down completely using the built-in protective kickstand to prevent contact with surfaces. 
  • Use the heat-resistant style case to protect your wand from scratches when not in use.

A CLOUD NINE hair curler is a long-term investment. With the right storage and care, CLOUD NINE curlers continue to deliver professional performance for a long time.

To minimise heat damage when using curling wands, we recommend using heat-protectant products. The CLOUD NINE Magical Duo provides the ultimate shield before curling. The Magical Remedy leave-in treatment conditions and tackles frizz, while the Magical Quick Dry Potion provides heat protection and nurtures your shine.

You should curl your hair at the temperature that is right for its condition and curl pattern. No two people’s hair has the same strength or resilience to heat styling. Use our CLOUD NINE Temperature Calculator tool to find out the ideal temperature to curl your hair without damaging it. With just a few quick questions, you’ll be on your way to effortlessly gorgeous curls.


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