The CLOUD NINE 9-Day Detox

Day 7: Detox-Friendly Styles

The hair experts have spoken: messy chic is here to stay. From loose buns and pull-out braids to all-out 90s nostalgia, detox-friendly hairstyles just got a whole lot more fun. Read on for all the inspiration you need to enter your healthy hair era in style.

About the author

Mathilde Heather is a hairstylist and salon owner operating in Bath, UK. She specialises in short hairstyling and regularly shares tutorials about how to achieve healthy, great-looking hair. Follow Mathilde on Instagram.

Today’s Task: Protective Styles

1. Embrace protective styles like twists or braids to minimise hair manipulation. 

2. Use a leave-in conditioner to keep your hair moisturised throughout the day.

3. Avoid tight hairstyles that can stress the hair and scalp. CLOUD NINE Silk Scrunchies can help you achieve a low-maintenance style.

What you’ll learn:

  • Loose braids
  • Low buns
  • Messy ponytail 
  • 90s hair claw 
  • Half-up, half-down 
  • French Twist
  • Low-temperature heat styling
  • Hairstyle dos and don’ts

From spiralling mermaid braids to painstakingly teased up-dos, hair styling can feel complex and time-consuming. The good news is that detox-friendly styles are often easier and quicker to achieve – as well as looking gorgeous.

Loose braids

Giving your hair a new vibe doesn’t get easier than loose braids. While they might not be for everyone, they’re ideal for lifting your look as they can even make thin hair appear significantly fuller. 

Go ahead and experiment with different variations and see what makes you feel most powerful.  

The one rule? Mark our emphasis on the word ‘loose’. Styling your hair too tight can cause snagging and breakages. Once you’ve secured your cotton or silk hair tie, use your hands to gently tug your hair out of the braid to ensure it’s not too tight. This step also gives a more ‘effortless chic’ look. Cool girl hair, nailed.

Low buns

If you find yourself automatically throwing your hair into a tight updo when your hair wash is a day (or two) overdue, you’re not alone. But take our advice – try a loose bun instead

Hairstylists warn that the intense brushing and pulling required to achieve the slicked-back look can cause strands to snap - especially if your hair is wet. 

An understated low bun is perfect for giving that same ‘girl boss’ look without causing unnecessary stress to your scalp. Start by choosing your parting – we love to work from the middle for a more modern look - and gently tie your hair into a low pony. Twirl it around your hair tie and secure it with a cute scrunchie. 

Our Luxury Silk Sleep Set comes with the perfect scrunchie for the job – its 22 momme silk has a soft and gentle texture, reducing friction and heat, preventing tangles and breakages in your hair.

The result? An uber-flattering look that will have your hair loving you back.

Messy ponytail

Loose, understated, effortless… you might be noticing a recurring theme here. When it comes to detox-friendly styles, embracing bedhead chic is the way to go. 

For a messy ponytail that strikes the balance between casual and collected, gather your hair at the crown of your head and loosely fasten it with a silk or cotton hair tie.

Gently pull out some tendrils from the front of your hair and let the flyaways create a look that says ‘I woke up like this’.

90s hair claw

Calling all Friends fans: hair claws are back. And the best part? They’re totally hair detox-friendly.

This 90s alternative to hair elastics – which are secretly awful for snagging and hair breakage – has made a huge comeback both online and in real life. Since hair claws gently keep your locks in place without pulling at the follicles, they’re perfect for elevating your look while also preventing damage. 

To recreate a Rachel Green classic, simply gather your hair at the nape of your neck as you would for a low pony, twist it, and secure it with your claw clip. So simple and sophisticated.

Half-up, half-down

Feeling indecisive? We can relate. Some days, creating a new hair look can be more faff than fun. But instead of reaching for more styling products, try a half-up, half-down style.

Ideal for keeping your hair out of your face while still letting it flow freely, there’s a whole host of ways to make this look work for you, most of which are perfectly detox-friendly.

From a loose topknot and half dutch braid to a mini hair claw to secure your strands, this middle-way style knows no limits. For extra points, work a detox-friendly serum into your hair’s ends to keep your shine game strong. 

French Twist

Now let’s take it back to a timeless class: the French Twist. 

Suitable for all hair types and head shapes, the French Twist works just as well for special occasions as it does for the everyday. And while it might look like a tricky updo to pull off, rest assured the execution is much easier than it looks. 

Firstly, sweep your hair into a low ponytail, but don’t tie it. Then, twirl it around your thumb before positioning a French pin upwards (video tutorials work wonders if you’re struggling here). Once secured, gently pull out a few strands for a less formal feel. Oo la la.

Low-temperature heat styling

When you want to let your straighteners do the work, it is possible to create your desired look whilst reducing damage.

We know that overexposing your hair to heat is a recipe for major hair havoc. But choosing a lower setting can open up a world of options for gentle heat styling.

Still unsure? As the straightener experts, we’re here to help guide you to a healthier hair path. 

It’s always best to start with the coolest temperature first to see how your locks respond. This will differ from person to person, depending on their hair type. Then, if you need to, you can crank it up slightly as required.

Of course, applying a generous layer of heat protectant is still essential for shielding your hair from the heat, however low you go. 

CLOUD NINE’s Magical Quick Dry Potion has got you covered. This lightweight solution works miracles to protect hair from heat, condition it and prevent frizz, resulting in an all-around smoother and sleeker finish to every style. Plus, it shortens drying time, so your tresses spend fewer minutes under high temperatures.

Once you’ve spritzed your strands, work in smooth, quick motions to ensure no single piece of your hair is under the iron for too long, and focus on wider sections for less concentrated styling. 

Find out more about the Best Hair Detox Products.

Detox-friendly hair styling: The dos and don’ts

While serving damage-free looks with your new healthy hair is a great start, making sure they’re 100% detox-friendly is key. Stick with these non-negotiables.


  • Get to know your own hair needs – Your hair, your rules. What works for one person may not be right for you, so understanding your hair type will help you get the best out of every style. 
  • Use heat protectants before styling – When using heated tools, the very first step is to spritz on plenty of heat protectant product to prevent further damage, regardless of how low you take the temperature dial.
  • Opt for loose styles that don’t pull on the head Messy styles aren’t just healthier for the hair, they’re more comfortable, and the epitome of cool girl chic.
  • Let your hair air dry when possible – Take every opportunity to minimise heat damage.
  • Switch to snag-free hair ties and claws – Luckily, there’s no shortage of stylish damage-free hair accessories out there, from classic claw clips to luxurious silk scrunchies.


  • Try to style hair when it's wet This is when it’s most fragile and prone to breakage, so skip the slick bun to let your hair grow stronger. 
  • Use unnecessary high temperatures Before you turn up the dial, switch on the lowest setting for more detox-friendly styling. 
  • Pull on your hair or secure it too tight Snagging at your strands and holding tightly for long periods can cause breakages and brittleness. Keep it loose for a healthier alternative. 
  • Use elastics for tying – These create friction on the hair follicles and damage the cuticles, resulting in snapped strands and even hair loss. Silk and cotton ties make for a savvier option. 
  • Forget to maintain a healthy hair routine – Incorporating proper hair care into your wellness regime is a game-changer for achieving and maintaining silky, easy-to-style locks.

Healthy hair will never go out of style.

Get ready to transform your locks with the CLOUD NINE 9-Day Detox. Receive daily insights on all things hair health and join a committed community embarking on the journey to healthy hair together. 

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