Professional tips to keep your hair in tip top condition this winter.

Like it or not, winter has already started to set in! It’s time to start planning a haircare routine that is fit for winter and will reverse the damage that the summer sun has caused. Unfortunately, it's not just your mood that the dreary weather has an effect on, it can also wreak havoc on your hair if the right precautions aren’t taken. Fear not though, our Style Ambassador Stacey McCormack is on hand with some top tips to nailing your hair care routine this winter.

protection is essential

Even though during the winter months you are not in direct, bright sunlight, you should continue to use a UV protector, as harmful rays still penetrate the clouds. Cloud Nine Magical Potion contains a UV filter, as well as being a leave in conditioner, so is perfect for everyday use. Apply when the hair is wet and blow dry in. This will give you full UV protection all day long.

turn down the heat

During winter months hair can be dryer and brittle, as it struggles to retain moisture. When using styling tools you should turn the temperature down. The Cloud Nine Original Iron and Wide Iron have 7 temperatures, ranging from 100 to 200 degrees, so you can variate the temperature accordingly. Usually 150 – 175 degrees is a good temperature to use for everyday styling, during the winter though you should take it right down to 125 – 150 degrees, depending on your hair texture. You will still get the same results, thanks to the mineral infused ceramic plates that distribute heat evenly.

keep calm and visit your stylist

In order to prevent split ends and breakage, you should have a regular trim. You should aim to visit your stylist around every 6 – 8 weeks. Don't worry, we're not recommending anything dramatic, just a trim of around an inch will work wonders.

masks are for life, not just for halloween

The combination of summer damage and the lack of moisture in winter can lead to a number of issues for your hair depending on your hair type, such as looking dull and lifeless, being dry and frizzy, or being weaker than usual. You should upgrade your conditioner through the winter months to a luxurious mask. Nowadays, masks don’t have to be a time consuming task, left on for hours, or over-night, you can purchase masks that only have to be left on for a few minutes. Speak to your stylist about what your hair needs most, or is lacking and then choose a mask to suit, whether it’s for moisture, strength, colour treated hair, or to help to defrizz.

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