Simple Bridal Hair

2 images of a blonde bride - one with hollywood waves and the other with a fancy ponytail.2 images of a blonde bride - one with hollywood waves and the other with a fancy ponytail.

The effortless wedding looks you'll LOVE. Traditional, glam, simple, boho, retro? Whatever type of beautiful bride you intend to be, we've got you covered, darling! Over the next few weeks, we’ll bring you some wedding hair inspiration that you won’t be able to say ‘I do’ without. This week, we're all about relaxed wedding hair. If you live by the phrase 'simplicity is the ultimate sophistication', then these looks will be PERFECT for you and your bride squad. Take note, ladies!

Long hair



We love these classic soft waves - they're perfect for any dress or wedding.


Want to know the very best thing about this look? You could create it yourself!

  • Use our iconic Curling Wand with its mineral-infused barrel to create the most deliciously soft and shiny curls in your hair.
  • Curl your hair in the same direction all the way around your head to give this sleek, uniform effect.
  • When you’re finished, grab our beautiful, handcrafted Luxury Texture Comb. Glide it through your curls to leave you with soft, bouncy waves that will stay put even throughout the wildest of weddings!

If you want to mix your look up a little for the evening, gather the hair into a low ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Wrap your hair around the band for the ultimate sophisticated style.


We love the idea of this look left super simple to really let your dress do the talking. If you want to glam it up a little, why not add some DIVINE accessories like in the image? We love the Marin star hair clips by Tilly Thomas Lux for giving a little edge, or this floral halo headpiece from Lace and Favour for keeping it soft.



We LOVE a ponytail. Chic, endless ways to glam it up, and it’s ideal for disguising a bad hair day! If you rock a pony day to day, why not give it a try for your wedding? This high, textured style looks glam without looking too ‘finished’ thanks to the volume and the loose hairs at the side. It would look AMAZING if your dress has a low back or some other dreamy detail you wanted to show off.


Rather than hair accessories, why not try some luxurious jewellery to enhance this look? This delicate pearl backdrop necklace from Bitten Weddings would add an intriguing feature if your dress is backless. Or, how about a pretty earring? These green teardrop earrings from Liberty in Love would add a beautiful pop of colour and make your eyes look extra luscious!

Mid-length hair


How pretty is this romantic low braid? We’re OBSESSED! Braids are a firm bride's favourite, but they can look fussy. If you’re wanting to try one but still looking for a relaxed, boho look, then this is the perfect solution.


As this style speaks for itself, you could easily skip the accessories. If, however, you want to take it to the next level – why not thread some flowers into the braid? You could use a few from your bouquet, or try some simple sprigs of gypsophila.

Short hair


If your hair is too short for an updo, how about trying this simple yet sassy half-up, half-down style? We love the height on the crown for giving that sophisticated edge!


This style couldn't be easier to create, so it's ideal if you’re planning on styling your hair yourself on your big day. We recommend starting with day-old hair to add some grip.

  • Spritz the roots with a volumising spray – we love Color Wow’s.
  • Next, use our new Micro Wand to add curls throughout the hair.
  • Smooth out the curls and backcomb your crown using our Luxury Texture Comb.
  • Gather the hair into a half ponytail, smoothing the hair as you go.
  • Secure with a bobble, spray with hairspray, and strut down that aisle!


We ADORE the leopard print scrunchie on this look for a touch of sass, or you could go more traditional with a white lace ribbon and a veil clipped underneath.

These looks were all created by our Instagram style squad, our legion of stylists and fans who craft gorgeous, easy-to-achieve styles every day using Cloud Nine products. To look through their work for yourself, search for #CloudNineHair and have a little scroll.