Repair services have to be ordered seperately to other products.


Repair services have to be ordered seperately to other products.

The Airshot Pro
The Airshot Pro
The Airshot Pro
The Airshot Pro
The Airshot Pro

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The Airshot Pro

Prepare to be blown away by the all-new, all-powerful Airshot Pro hair dryer. Take control of your heat setting with Variable Temperature Control and experience its unique Self-Clean Mode for long-lasting performance.



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The Original Hot Brush by CLOUD NINE is the first choice for second day styling. It goes further. To help hair stay smoother with our new Hair Tame Tessellation™. So if you’re frizzy (or just busy) you can touch up style. And smooth down strays. Effortlessly.
The Airshot Pro
Variable Temperature Control
Work smarter. Not hotter.
When it comes to heat, less is more. The new and improved Airshot Pro features Variable Temperature Control, regulating heat at 100 times a second to provide shine. Dry your hair at the healthiest heat for you with three temperature settings.
Eco-Precision Motor
Lighter but mightier
Power up your blow dry with our lightweight, streamlined Airshot Pro hair dryer. Dry your hair in less time with the built-in Eco-Precision motor and make blow-drying a breeze.
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Self-Cleaning Mode
Focus on your hair while the new and improved Airshot Pro takes care of itself. Activate the unique Self-Clean Mode of the Airshot Pro. Let CleanFlow technology do the work, blowing air in reverse to eliminate dust build-up and ensure long-lasting performance.
Magnetic Attachments Included
We’ve gone all out. For all hair. Take your pick from two magnetic attachments. Use the Diffuser attachment to help define curls, and for smooth, sleek hair, attach the Precise-Drying Nozzle.
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and so much more...

Magnetic Attachments.
We’ve made our extra attachments, extra satisfying. The Airshot Pro comes with a magnetically attachable Diffuser and Precise-Drying Nozzle, that snap to fit. No fiddling. Making your drying experience smoother. Slicker. Simpler.
Coolshot Button.
Short drying time. Meets long-lasting results. The new and improved Airshot Pro features our iconic Cool Shot button. Providing a burst of cool air to set hair in place once dry and styled.
Quiet Motor.
We’ve enhanced the drying experience for your hair. And for your ears. When in use, the new and improved Airshot Pro is quieter than ever. So you can style with power, in peace.
Matt Finish.
A slick looking tool. For sleek looking hair. The new and improved Airshot Pro comes in a timeless matt black finish that’s forgiving of scratches and fingerprints. So it’ll stay perfect for longer. Just like your hair.
Streamlined Packaging.
We’ve reduced the packaging. To reduce our environmental impact. The new and improved Airshot Pro and its attachments arrive in a minimalistic box that’s stylish and streamlined.
Recycle to save.
When it comes to styling, we're all about sustainability. So while we’re revolutionising styling tools, you can recycle your old one and receive a £20 discount code. Looking good never felt so good.

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Level up your style

Save when you combine your Airshot Pro with a CLOUD NINE hair straightener, hot brush or curling wand set.

" Easy breezy styling from this high-end hairdryer - The Airshot Pro is a very good-looking piece of kit. Matt black and impressively lightweight, ticking the eco-box it also boasts reduced packaging and oozes class. "
The Standard - Vicky Jessop

The Airshot Pro

Diffuser Attachment

Precise-Drying Nozzle

The Original Hot Brush

Ideal for: Quick, precise hair drying or diffusing

Hair type: All hair types – long, short and everything in between.

Temperature: Low (39°C) – Medium (47°C) – High (85°C)

Power: 1600w

Cord details: 3m

Voltage: 220-240v

Weight: 0.44kg 

Step 1: Start with clean, towel-dried hair.

Step 2: Shake your CLOUD NINE Magical Quick Dry Potion heat protector spray to activate the lightweight conditioners, then spritz your hair to provide heat protection.

Step 3: Section your hair and secure it with CLOUD NINE Croc Clips.

Step 4: Attach the Precise-Drying Nozzle – this will help you to direct the air flow for a more precise blow dry.

Step 4: Select your temperature using the temperature control switch. Temperatures range from low (39°C) to medium (47°C) to high (°C). Blow dry at a lower temperature for optimum hair health. 

Step 5: Using a round brush, lift up each section and dry from the root, curling under at the ends for extra body. Our CLOUD NINE Luxury Round Brush is perfect for the job.

Step 7: Repeat section by section. 

Step 8: Press the Cool Shot switch to give your hair a blast of cool air to smooth and set your style. And there you have it – the perfect salon-worthy blow dry.

Step 1: Gently squeeze out excess water after washing your hair. To promote kinks and waves, it’s best not to leave it to air dry for too long – damp hair is best.

Step 2: Before you use any heated styling tool on your hair, including a hair dryer, spritz your hair with a heat protection spray such as the CLOUD NINE Magical Quick Dry Potion

Tip: If you need to add volume at the crown of your head, then inserting clips at your roots can help create lift near your scalp.

Step 3: Attach the magnetic Diffuser Attachment by simply clicking it into place at the end of the hair dryer.

Step 4: Place a section of hair onto the diffuser and press it up against your scalp as you blow dry. This scrunches the hair up and keeps it in position while the air flows around it. 

Tip: Ensure that you tilt your head into the diffuser rather than applying the heat downwards – the air flow should always be pointing towards the roots of your hair to maximise volume.

Step 5: Repeat for each section, then apply a styling product such as a hair spray to preserve the added volume.

Learn more about how to use a hair diffuser.

Can the Airshot Pro be used worldwide?
Our Airshot Pro hair dryer comes with universal voltage and plug adaptors, meaning you can travel anywhere in the world with your favourite hair dryer.

How much does the Airshot Pro weigh?
The Airshot Pro weighs 0.44kg, which is half the weight of the Airshot hair dryer.

What size is the Airshot Pro's Precise-Drying Nozzle?
Included in the box is a 50mm Precise-Drying Nozzle and a Diffuser Attachment. The smaller Precise-Drying Nozzle puts the airflow under more pressure, so a more forceful air jet can be directed onto your hair – perfect for blow-drying wavy frizz-prone hair straight. The Diffuser Attachment is ideal for naturally wavy or curly hair to achieve more defined curls or a tousled wavy look. 

How does the Precise-Drying Attachment fit onto the Airshot Pro?
To attach the Precise-Drying Nozzle to your Airshot Pro hair dryer, click it onto the front of the hair dryer.

How does the Diffuser Attachment fit onto the Airshot Pro?
To attach the Diffuser Attachment to the Airshot hair dryer, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your Airshot Pro is switched off.

  2. Remove the Precise-Drying Nozzle first by clicking it off.

  3. Attach the diffuser by simply clicking it into place.

Learn more about how to use a hair diffuser.

What’s the difference between the Airshot Pro and Airshot hair dryers?

  • The Airshot is our original hair dryer and comes with two nozzles. 

  • The Airshot Pro is our newest hair dryer and comes with magnetic snap-to-fit attachments, including a diffuser attachment. The Airshot Pro is also lighter than the Airshot, and weighs 0.44kg, which is around half the weight of the Airshot. The Airshot Pro also comes with additional technology including Self-Cleaning Mode and a quieter motor.

Check out our comparison tool to compare the features of our two hair dryers.

How do I activate Self-Clean Mode on my Airshot Pro?
The Airshot Pro includes an automatic self-cleaning function, helping to maintain the long-term health and efficiency of your hair dryer. Follow these steps to activate Self-Clean Mode:

  1. Carefully remove the magnetic filter and sponge. 

  2. Long press and hold both the air speed and temperature button for 3 seconds. 

  3. Once the cycle has been initiated, you can release your hold of the buttons. The cycle will last 10 seconds and will stop automatically. 

  4. Use the Self-Clean Mode up to 3 times after plugging in your hair dryer. 

  5. To use Self-Clean mode again you must unplug and start again.

How do I use the Cool Shot feature on my Airshot Pro?
To switch to Cool Shot mode at any time, simply press and hold the temperature button.

Do I have to adjust the airflow and temperature setting every time I style with the Airshot Pro?
The Airshot Pro hair dryer includes a memory feature that stores your preferred settings for future use.

How should I store my Airshot Pro hair dryer?
Only put your hair dryer away when fully cool. Make sure not to wrap the cord around the handle and keep the plug away from the filter to avoid scratches.

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