1-2-1 with Casey Coleman

Quirky Casey Coleman is part of the Ocean Hairdressing team and we had a little chat with him to find out all about his amazing work!

Who are you?

My name is Casey Coleman. I'm 26 and am a team director at Ocean hairdressing, Cardiff. Hairdressing for just 4 years, I've made sure that within the short period of time I have been working within the industry, I have pushed myself to gain experiences and opportunities that don't come by very often. My ambition and drive has allowed me to work with many incredible people and am ever grateful.

Which hairstyle gives you the most buzz to create?

I love using extensions and wigs. Don't get me wrong, I get a real kick out of precision cutting and dressing hair, but using extensions and wigs really allows you to take one step further with creativity. There are no boundaries with what you can create, whether it be a small addition or a whole head hair piece, I feel I have total freedom.

Having a full Cloud Nine kit, I can prep and style all hair with no pressure and the assurance that they'll do exactly what I need. I couldn't possibly live without any of my Cloud Nine tools.

Do you have any memorable moments/clients or events?

There's a few. One of which was getting asked to work with Cloud Nine at LFW for sass&bide. Being surrounded my so many talented hairstylists and being in the presence of incredible models like Jourdan Dunn and Cara Delevingne was overwhelming and inspiring. It really was an unforgettable experience.

Other moments include other seasons at LFW, working on set for MTV The Valleys, becoming a British finalist for Wella Trend Vision 2013, winning a place on the NHF creative team, Inspire, and being asked to head an inspirational talk for the students at Broadway, college of hair, holistics and beauty, Swansea.

Whats your top tip for summer 2013 hair?

I love 'I don't care' hair.

The 'casual' wave.


  • To create this look, shampoo and condition your hair using Joico daily care.
  • Use Structure beach spray for strong texture and blowdry hair in all directions using a paddle or vent brush.



  • Using the Cloud Nine Waving Wand, take a large section of hair, wrap it around the wand once and move the wand up toward the root then down toward the ends several times. Repeat this on each section.
  • Finish by applying Joico humidity blocker spray and shake hands through hair for the casual 'I don't care' wave.

Whats your favourite Cloud Nine tool?

I really find it difficult to choose one cloud nine tool that is my favourite. They're all incredible! Whether I'm using the Micro, Original and Wide Irons for prepping, any of the amazing wands to create all kinds of movement or even The O heated rollers to set hair, building body and volume. I also use the Cloud Nine Paddle Brush for blowdrying hair, giving it a sleek and smooth finish. They're all equally favourites of mine and essential to any hair stylists kit bag!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Inspiration is unpredictable and that's why I love it. Fashion, music, art and tattooist artists really excite me. Any kind of creativity I love and can always derive some sort of inspiration, whether its texture, colour, shape or even a character, there's inspiration at every street corner and every sky line.

Who are some of your celebrity clients?

I look after the majority of the cast of MTV The Valleys. After working on set of series one and two, a few of the cast members have now become regular clients to the salon. Ak, Carley and Lateysha all come into the salon and call upon my expertise for any event, be it red carpet, filming or magazine/editorial shoots or launch parties, I'm on hand to dress their locks and make them look incredible.

What's your best kept secret or favourite product?

I would love to tell you a secret.. But I don't have any. The moment I gain any new information, I'm sharing it instantly with team members, over social networking sites or any other way I possibly can! The more information you give to the world, the more you receive back!

My favourite product at the moment is Joico Humidity blocker. It's great to use for stopping hair becoming frizzy or fly away, to create a loose and tousled texture or to prep/build an editorial hair up without the tackiness of a hairspray.

Which celeb would you love to style and why?

Victoria Beckham. Being a world wide icon, constantly looking outstanding and always ever chic, I'd love to get my hands on her trend setting locks. I also admire her one of her earlier life quotes. "I'm going to be more famous than Persil automatic." To be in the same room, doing this poised perfectionists hair, knowing she compared herself to a brand, not a person, at such a young age and the fact she has it now, really would be insanely inspiring. I couldn't think of a better situation to be in.

We absolutetly love Casey's work! Have a look at the gallery to see more of Casey's creations.

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