Christmas Food and Drink

Christmas is just around the corner and so is the amazing food and drink!

We're huge fans of Christmas here at Cloud Nine, not to mention the amazing food that we get to overindulge in at this very special time of the year! 

Picture the scene… It’s Christmas Day, everyone is arriving with bags of presents, Mum is in the kitchen with Aunty prepping the dinner, Dad and Uncle are off to the Pub, the kids are playing nicely (so far) and you just stop for a minute to take everything in. Snow is (hopefully) falling, your family is all together, Christmas music is on and you’re feeling at peace.

Not long now until that amazing smell is due to start drifting in from the kitchen. But suddenly, it all goes drastically wrong. Mum and Aunty are shouting; someone left the giblets in the plastic bag inside the turkey! The dog has chewed one of the kid’s toys and he’s now screaming, Dad and Uncle are still not back from the Pub and Mum’s now left Aunty crashing round the kitchen to demand they return. You stand amongst the chaos wondering whether it’s too early for a third glass of Champagne?!

But it’s all ok, it’s Christmas and you wouldn’t have it any other way! Do you follow any specific recipes at Christmas or have you got your own? We want to know what we would find on your Christmas Dinner table!

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