Christmas NO Rules

Christmas is a time when generally, rules are broken.

You spend all year trying to get on the Nice List and then December comes around and… BAM you’re firmly on the Naughty List after one too many at the office Christmas party! We’ve all been there…At Cloud Nine, we are big believers that rules are made to be broken. Our legendary ‘No Rules’ campaign started our revolutionary way of thinking and now we’re taking it to a new level.

This Christmas, we want to hear your Christmas Rules! Whether they’re rules that you know you’re going to break as soon as December 1st hits or whether they’re rules you’re sticking to this year, to avoid a rerun of Christmas disasters gone by. 

We asked some fabulous bloggers to tell us their Christmas Rules and here’s what they said..

We have also been busy writing our very own rules and we would love to hear all about your rules! Tweet them or post them on Instagram and don’t forget to tag us - @cloudninec9 

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