Festival Hair - Parting Braid

With Glastonbury on the horizon we felt it was perfect timing to show you how to dress your hair in three different festival friendly styles (and no shampooing required!)

Our second step-by-step shows you how to achieve a Kate Bosworth inspired parting braid style. We recommend you try this look on day two - with the waves from day one serving as a great foundation. 

What You Need:

  • Tail Comb
  • Hairspray

Step One

Create a rectangular section of hair on top of the head – from the crown to the hairline.

Use a tail comb to achieve neat section lines.

Step Two

Working just with the hair in this rectangle, begin to plait close to the head – from the crown moving forwards to the hairline.

Step Three

Continue your plait, keeping it tight to the head and neat.

Take your time!

Step Four

When you reach the hairline, split the ends of the plait into two, and allow these pieces of hair to fall on either side of the head.

Step Five

Take these ends on one side, and create a classic three-strand plait.

Step Six

Continue plaiting. Secure the end of the plait with backcombing.

Step Seven

Repeat on the other side.

Step Eight

Tease the hair around these plaits for a softer finish.

Finished Look

The finished look is a Kate Bosworth inspired style that is sure to earn you many envious glances.

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